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17 May 2007



Heck, I'd pay a couple hundred dollars for a date with this hottie- if I could get a "happy ending" after dinner! Mike is HOT! Take a step up from those blonde chicks and holla at me homie!


Mike's doing 3soms now?


Is there a reason you and Keith Boykin are hung up on this dude? He's not even all that damn cute.


Was one of the bidders Dr. Ian Smith...not that I'm trying to start up that rumor again :-)

joseph b.a.

"Me", that's a ridiculous statement.

I only count 4 articles Rod has run on Mike Strahan. Before this current one, the last post was in JULY 2006.

Doesn't sound like Rod 2.0 is "hung up on this dude."

Derrick from Philly

Strahan's a class act in his dealings with the gay commnunity--well, I mean, he didn't behave like Tim Hardaway when that white wo...I mean, his ex-wife accused him of being a nappy-headed 'mo. Of course, he is an adulterer--but so what, I'm a sodomite. We'd get along just fine--we got a Biblical relationship.

kentley w.

Derrick, my sentiments exactly.

Unlike many other athletes, Mike Strahan has always welcomed his gay fans. Also, unlike other straight men, he has not gone ballistic after being subjected to gay rumors. Instead, he has used those opportunities to say that he loves all people.

But some people want to complain about anything ...


Now only if they could auction off Dr. Ian Smith. I'd pay great money to have dinner with that sexy man!!

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