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07 May 2007



hey rod...

interesting article about Vin Diesel. it's pretty sad..his star is kinda been dimmed with the string of box office bombs...

and he still has yet to ACT...not being funny. But, his divatude needs to be checked.

As for the director, Mathieu Kassoitz has always had a history of being "quirky"...and does have issues with his cast..he directed Gothika and I heard that Halle, Penelope, and Robert Downey Jr. all had issues with him...

I'd be willing to bet that Said Taghmaoui (sp?), Hubert Kounde, and Vincent Cassel had issues with him when he directed them in La Haine (HATE) back in 1995--and which STILL remains an indie film classic.

Kassoitz may have some questionable and weird methods, but he does get results..and Gothika did do well at the box office...so Vin might do well to fall back and keep his ego IN CHECK...

Though Vin can STILL get it with a quickness, ok? :)


Mathieu Kassovitz (with a v) is anyway a very good director, and Vin Diesel one of the hottest guy… and those two guys have temper. It looks like there's a rivalry, to know who's the man on the set :-)

Rice Hershey

Take on either of 'em - in my bed preferably!

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