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01 June 2007


C. Baptiste-Williams

God is so Good

Andy in Seattle

Dayum. I mean DAY-YUM. (shaking head) Dayum.

j. brotherlove

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Derrick from Philly

Daniel is ok, but since this topic is about icandy, have y'all heard of this bodybuilder named Tim Liggins? First, I only saw him on MuscleGallery's homepage (cause I wasn't paying no money to join the site). But he has about 5 short videos on Youtube. He is amazing! He has the most magnificent butt in the history of the humankind...and that compliment is comin' from a well known "bottom". I'm even thinking about going to the gym to build a booty like his, but I think you kinda' have to be born with the potential for one like his. Mine is still all right, but his is earth shattering.



Derrick I checked that out on youtube...dayum! If yours is anywhere close to that I need to come to Philly!

taylor Siluwé

Tim Liggins is too over the top muscled. I hate that type. Guys like him stop working out and turn to fat boys.

But Danny boy, him I'd killed for.

Hypothetically, of course. :)


Ha ha Derrick! sense of humor is always attractive for me and you have that in spades!


Rod, your 'boyfriend' Daniel keeps getting better and better! How does he do it -- And can we watch?

BTW: I agree about Tim Liggins. One HELL of an ass....


Photographers need to come up with something more for their subjects.

We have all seen the same old poses, looks and enough with the ridiculous jock straps already. Word of advice clothes are incredibly sexy let's try to put some on and present a sensual/sexy picture, these are a dime and a penny a dozen.

Also, the tattoos are just plain unattractive!


Interesting comment "Charles." IMHO, I think Rod 2.0 does a decent job of presenting news and featuyresd, politics and movies, and men. Shirtless and fashion. You won't like everything in life; it's the big p[icture.


Eh. If he's focusing that much on one picture and doesn't like anything, sounds like a hater.

Daniel is alright with me!


how stupid to say tim liggins is overly muscled. How stupid! He is so hot.


There is no denying Daniel's male beauty, but something about the shorter hairstyle detracts from his "oooomph" factor, to me. As
for the comment about Tim being too "over the top muscled", I don't understand that, because his muscles are smooth, as opposed to some BB who look almost like The Thing, from the Fantastic Four. Tim comes off more as a brotha with a beautiful body (face to match), who is just
bigger/thicker than the average peep. Unlike some, who are so cut and ripped, it looks like they would pop a vein, if they bent over to tie their shoes. Tim is special, with an ass that
helps in keeping America beautiful, but when it comes to immaculate asses, I still gotta give the nod to Hector Washington.

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