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12 June 2007



I heard it was with a white girl, and if this is true, we all know why he went to the clink to begin with, and R Kelly is able to walk free as she was a black girl who the system would not deem worth it and must already be promiscuous.. That said, this should be a lesson to all these kids getting their swirls on with underage "consenting" girls" and they videotaped it to boot? Keep it in your pants young men.I guess I'm just too old to figure out what this world is coming to.

C. Baptiste-Williams

all three parties involved in the Wilson case were African American, as is the Attorney General.


I live in Georgia, the Metro Atlanta area. Baker should've stayed out of this. Wilson has already served more time than he should've. He (Genarlow) had sex with a school mate. Wilson was seven-years-old and she (the alleged victim) was fifteen-years-old, at the time. What I found to be stupid is that they (the youths involved) videotaped their encounter.

In short, any dreams of becoming governor, by Baker, were dashed by his appeal of the Monroe County Superior Court Judge's decision.


10 years for "consensual oral sex". that's ridiculous to begin with. he's not innocent of the crime, but you'd think someone in a high position would have done something about this long ago.

they even changed the laws to 12 months maximum.

no prior criminal problems. good student. possibly headed to college on a football scholarship. yeah, that's the kind of person that needs to be locked up.....

and then the AG wants to keep him there longer to appeal the judges ruling? Did Georgia not already get enough negative attention for this case the first time?

caleb rexter

Actually, a case like this makes Attorney General Baker much more popular with white voters. That's who he has to win if he wants to stay in office or go higher.


...this is just what happens when laws become more important than people...*SMH*

Derrick from Philly

Mr. Wilson and his buddies made a stupid mistake. The state of Georgia has a stupid streak which explains that stupid law. Attorney General Baker is a stupid over-seer, just as he would have been down in Georgia 160 years.

Mad Professah

Yehisaidit, but Thurber will lose a lot of support in the Black community, I hope, for making this decision.

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