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25 June 2007


emanuel xavier

Hey papi . . .

Thanks for keeping the community updated. I was referred to your site and hope you don't mind me reposting your article (with a proper link, of course) on my own blog at blog.myspace.com/emanuelxavierartist. I rarely do this but would like to share the information with my own list. Hope you're great and much love always.


Derrick from Philly

I was just thinking how brave young gay people are now, and Mr Jackson certainly is an inspiration to me. Maybe we should send that superintendent bitch some Cocodorm photos to put in next year's yearbook.

Oh, Rod, I read your article in The Advocate on Shirley Q Racist It was very good, and so was the interview with AfterElton. But you must get a new photograph of yourself to use, the one showing the broad shoulders and sexy biceps is just too illicit--just ask that Newark superintendant bitch.

C. Baptiste-Williams

will be interesting to see what happens with this.


As a product of Newark, I am ashamed of my city.

Mel Smith

Heterosexual privilege. The superintendent was really saying that the young man sexuality is not equal to the heterosexual children.


At least I hope they give him a refund for buying that yearbook! Anyway congrats on graduating; and starting a new chapter in your life. Alot of men should look up to you, for being so brave.


My heart goes out to this young man and I really hope this act of foul act of ignorance by grown-ass adults doesn't sway him from achieving his dreams. Take this as a sign people: if the U.S. supreme court can rule in favor of schools on the topic of free speech today and pretty soon every student like this Andre Jackson will be forced into closets by insecure administrators both literally and figuratively.

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