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04 June 2007


Mervin Malone Jr.

Ken Blackwell is pretty pathetic! I remember how he said he was going to do "everything in his power" to help Bush take Ohio in 2004. He's one of these greed-is-good/money-under-the-table types of conservatives that have come to typify the Bush years...


Not only is he anti-gay, he is also anti-black, lets keep all his anti's in order. And, since he is that token tha tthe GOP loves to trot out to show "diversity" it was only a matter of time before someone found a way to pay him for all his hard "work."


They are always telling us that young black men in the ghetto have no opportunity open to them but to become drug dealers.

If, however, you decide, as Clarence Thomas has, that your life goal is to prove to the world that you are as vicious any white man, then your future is completely assured.

Ken Blackwell is as empty of principle as any drug dealer, but unlike a drug dealer, not only will he never go to prison, he will always remain coddled and wealthy, just so long as he never acquires any principles.

When will the ghetto boys learn?

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