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02 July 2007



Let this commutation be a good civics lesson to all of our young people.

caleb rexter

The height of arrogance. The unfortunate reality is that he knows it doesn't matter. Bush and Cheney have nothing to lose.

C. Baptiste-Williams

There is just no end to this... January 20, 2009 please hurry up!


It's upsetting...

Libby gets off...HOW??

Is the dirt he has on Bush that much that Dubya gives him a get out of jail free card?

Will Libby and Bush give Valerie Plame an apology outing her as a CIA operative in the Middle East, because they didnt like her husband and his politics?

It's never going to end, and 20 Januaray 2009 is NOT coming quickly enough, C. Baptiste!


I heard a caller on NPR say the reason Libby got a commuted sentence and not a pardon right now (which we all know is coming if his case loses on appeal), is that while his case is on appeal, he can't be asked to testify against anyone else in the administration. So Bush has simply found the perfect way to keep Libby quiet.

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