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11 July 2007



Ooooh child, was he serious? I guess I'm out of the loop, I really didn't know people still that!

Bless his chunky little hypocritical heart, these Repugnant's have more sexual hang ups in their closet and are some real freaks, lie to get a vote, and yet doing what they condemn on the campaign trail.

And, why is it that they are always so unattractive?

JW Richard

Oh, Lord! Getting trapped in his own game--what a mess!

Andy in Seattle

Twenty bucks? Aw, lawd...


Heh...how ironic!!!


Heh...how ironic!!!


Now that is one of the funniest stories that I have ever read. Not only does he do the very thing that he worked against, but had he gotten his way, his sentence would be much worse. A judge should be allowed to sentence based on what he wanted to become law as he could not possibly argue that it is not fair. It was his idea.

I really believe that those who use morality as their cause are really just over-compensating for a lack of it. If they claim to have it and be for all things moral, perhaps no one will notice that they have none of their own.

I would also love to hear more about the "misunderstanding" in which an undercover cop misunderstood what he was supposed to do for $20 during a conversation through the stall door of a men's room. I am sure this nice man was just looking for a haircut on his third visit to the urinal.

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