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14 July 2007



The Portland Ore snip is missing 000.


I tried, but failed, to find a picture of this $400,000 rent boy. He must be sumpin, that's all I can say...

Back in 2001, Samuel Delaney did a nostaligic and angry book on the glories of pre-Giuliani Times Square, called Times Square Red, Times Square Blue. Worth checking out, too.


Chad White: Rod, were you DROOLING when you watched the Fashion TV footage? lol!

Samuel Delany: I'm so glad you mentioned his new book. Delany, along with Octavia Butler, rarely gets noticed for the sheer genius he has and produces as a science-fiction/fantasy writer. His very keen and sharp eye on the intersections of race, class, politics, and sexuality have always made him (along with Octavia Butler, RIP) and PUT HIM miles ahead of the sci fi pack.

Will have to get a copy of it soon

Robert Jones, Jr.

I absolutely ADORE Samuel R. Delany. His work is amazing. Hogg is the only book I've ever had to put down because I couldn't stomach it. I was simply too weak to go on.

Derrick from Philly

I'm hope the RevKev will have something insightful to say on this, but I hate when disco divas get religion. They start talkin' stupid.

As for Sam Delaney. He's a faculty member here at Temple where I'm employed as a clerical slave. He's adorable, and of course, brilliant.


Oh Lawdy Mr Rod, you done went and ruined my day with Gloria Gaynor and her nonsense, I had to rid my self of Donna Summer after her tripe and now the true diva is spewing? These singers need to do one thing sing, and leave that religious mumbo jumbo at the door, she had no problem getting coins from gay men and she should have known about her Jesus then.

Not knocking her faith or anyones, but her lack of common sense.

And, Ryan, finding good books by gay writers is getting easier which is a good thing for those who like a black gay perspective, but, still not that easy.



While I have seen Samuel Delany in the flesh and, yes, he is adorable is his very own way, I seriously doubt he could be as adorable as you.

At any rate, if I were visiting Temple University, I certainly know whom I would more wish to meet.


“is his very own way” = “in his very own way”. Sorry.


I know this may be a stupid question, but Chad White's gay, right? I just can't lust after another st8 guy.

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