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22 August 2007


C. Baptiste-Williams

so the moral values are for everyone except Republicans?


The NAACP, at least the local chapters, just keeps on getting into one hot mess after another, first they backed Vick and his vile antics and now talking in this bigot more than once? His comments were nothing short of the typical GOP view of all us scary black men. They need to stand firm or at least find something to stand firm on. He will come in pandering and telling I'll call them fibs and yet he has done nothing to make the lives of his black constituents better. next thin you know they will be endorsing him. And just who uses a bathroom in a park at night unless he is looking fro some action?

And, someone please take this man to Walmart and buy him a mirror, he is a overweight, disheveled white man, one who obviously fears the black skin but not the black man's, ummm, private part.

rob a

"A big part of your faith is interacting with people who don't know the Lord."

Excellent point.


I bet you he wasn't afraid of the "stocky black man's" big fat dick when he propositioned him. $20 bucks? I mean come on! What did he think he was a crackhead? Like he was going to jump at the sight of money to fuck a fat nasty white dude?


Everyone is to be presumed innocent until a jury of his/her piers, in a proper court of law, states that it is proven that the person is guilty. When someone pleads guilty in a proper court of law then the record of the charges so states that the person pleaded guilty. Therefore that person is guilty in the eyes of the law or in the eyes of his/her piers in a court of law.

He, being a Florida Representative, should have kept his mouth quiet/shut and sought the advice of an attorney from the moment he was arrested by the police officer. And then kept his statements to himself and should have followed his attorney's advice.

How can anyone really believe the Florida Representative, now????? I do not know Florida Representative Bob Allen, but I certainly would not vote for him in the next Florida Representative Election; flip - flopper!!

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