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11 August 2007



all i have to say is one thing:


he needs to stop faking the funk and just COME OUT...:)

tony rio

Ne-Yo is GAY, GAY, GAY.


If the man says he's not gay, whether he's being truthful or not, then it should be dropped.

Alan T

Nova, I disagree. The fact that Ne-Yo addressed this makes it news. Rod didn't say he was gay, he just reported Ne-Yo's latest denial.

Surely you're joking regarding "being truthful or not"?


It's very curious that Ne-Yo constantly defends his sexuality. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.


^^^ You said it.


I don't know who he really is or what he sings since I'm not into rap or this new age R&B stuff, but, maybe he needs to change that name, sounds like a drag queen! He must have lived on NE street and had a dog called YO, since I still don't get that name!

But seriously, he is protesting too much if he isn't gay as if that is something to dread, and Ne-Yo being gay is just fine and dandy,ignore the gossip and innuendo, don't feed it with the silly rebuttals.

Earl FF

Those who shout the loudest ...


Gay. 'Nuff said.


If Nova says drop the issue, bitches, then let NO MORE BE SPOKEN ON THIS ISSUE! lol

Henry TW

Rod never said Ne-Yo was gay, he merely reported the story.

It's very amusing that Nova would make such a comemnt on this blog. Some of his current posts include calling Kanye's album cover "gay" and asking if "Terrance Howard was gay."

I'm just sayin'.

Joe Jons

Children, let's get back on message! Ne-Yo says he isn't gay, he isn't gay.

He's just on the DL.

Mel Smith

See, if he really is gay, sellouts like him make us look really bad; sellouts contribute to people looking down on us, like we are second class! It's his business, but I cannot stand sellouts!


Alan, my comment wasn't directed towards Rod, it was directed to people collectively. What do any of us have to gain from Neyo being gay or conceding and saying he is? Absolutely nothing. I mean, look at him, LOL.


What I wanna know is why Ne-Yo? He's not the only R&B artist who there is speculation about, it's like part of his persona now. Maybe it's his eyes......

Alan T

Nova, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. I was surprised because I know your sense of humor which is delicious!

"Never Mind!"

queer kid of color

Actually he denied it before on The late show with Craig Ferguson a few months ago.


i think it should be noted that ne-yo himself admitted to the whole "Ne-Yo" persona as being a character. remember when he admitted that he was 27 and NOT 24, which was presumed. he seperates "Ne-Yo" from his actual self. he probably sees "Ne-Yo" as a 24 year old, straight R&B sensation......just saying......


WHat up neyo ur the man at dancing and singing make a song with bow wow and say my name Justin van eeden in the song

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