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03 August 2007



Matt Sanchez is a shameless attention whore who's just out to cash in on his 15-minutes. It's disgusting how Wikipedia is letting him use their site as a self-promotion tool -- in clear violation of their policies. He even tried to add references to himself in Max Blumenthal's bio. He posts under the account "Bluemarine."


Check the talk page history of his own WP bio and you'll see what a hatemongering bigot he really is. Not surprised at all that he's revered by the likes of Michelle Malkin.


I continue to believe that anyone who is tied to this administration is delusional and will lie about their own Mother for a few coins and the low lights of Fox Noise.

Sheesh, is this guy, a term I use loosely, for real with this noise and nonsense???? But, with the Fox Noise crowd so easily duped, along with a few others in this country, his words will be part of the GOP nominees ads in the fall.


he's a mess...i dont get WHY folk would even consider him to be a "credible", much less, respectable source for the republican party...

then again, the republicans are ALL ABOUT smoke and mirrors.

I'm still a tad bit salty that Michelle Malkin is an alumnus from my school but you can't win them all...

And, wasn't Sanchez escorting up until April???

Hmm...how is he going to pay those Columbia tuition bills now that he isn't slangin dick for coins?

J. Matt

What I'm realizing is that the GOP is nothing but the Democratic party - but in private. They don't want you to think they are liberal thinkers...they just want you to live in bondage, while they get to participate in abortion, private stem cell activites, sex parties, pick-up-an-escort-for-fun, casinos, clubs and every other radical adventure they can think of. So funny, lately the GOP has been getting in trouble with the law for things they condone and bash in the public. Such a bag of hypocrites.

As for Matt Sanchez, he needs to get a life. Just wait 'til his ten seconds of fame runs out...he'll be back behind the XXX camera. LOL.

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