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08 August 2007



Wow. I think we can stop defending him now.

Caleb Rexter

Good point, Nova. Jonathan's book sounds like another rehash of his story with Terry which she is about to rehash herself.


both these fools need to get a grip and FALL BACK from the spotlight..SERIOUSLY they do.

who cares? They're both media whores who wont acknowledge their respective 15 minutes of fame have been up MONTHS ago....


ooooh im buying this book, i bet its going to be good lol, he will be in atlanta labor day, maybe ill get an autograph :)


Nah, I'll skip this one, and just when are his 15 minutes of fame going to end?


We all have to make a living somehow huh? His 15 minutes will end when Terri McMillan stops "chickennecking", when OPRAH ( that's the real culprit) stops parading them around and giving them that extra hr. to their 15 minutes.

Waddie Grant

It's all part of the celebrity game. You can make money in almost any aspect of your life if it involves a celebrity.


If "Stella" can make a buck off writing about their relationship, he should be able to as well. If they make a movie with actors like Angela, Whoopi, and Taye - I'll go see it too.


Balancing Act was released in paperback….you go Jonathan. Sistuhs need to pick up this book read it, heed it, cuz you need it! We need to start loving our bruthas who are struggling with their sexual identity. Yes, they are our sons, brothers, and our fathers.
Karen Hunter put her foot in this….Jonathan did not write this all by himself, but he allowed his name, likness, and story to be used in a responsible way. I can’t wait for the sequel.

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