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27 September 2007



I guess had it been an amendment to make toilet sex legal when you know the codes, Larry Craig would have signed on. Talk about a self hating hypocrite. And, the rest of the Repug's who voted gaisnt it, are the same ones who can be counted on to vote "no" on anything related to the black communites as well.

Andy in Seattle

Whew. I'm so relieved. Now that it's illegal to "hate" gay people, I'll never have to be afraid of being bashed again. What's the next thought-crime? Beige?

How about we get my BASIC CIVIL RIGHTS encoded into law first, Congress?


It's welcome news. In the meantime, I'm continuing to research and add cases to The LGBT Hate Crimes Project. There's no shortage of them, and new ones seem to be reported almost every other day.

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