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23 October 2007


greg g

I was hoping that you would update this story. Wow. So the black newspapers and Christian websites have nothing to say? Not a surprise, they all know that the churches are packed with gays and that will force them to take stock of Donnie McClurkin and Hezekiah Walker.


^^The black Christian non-response is to be expected, given its uneasy relationship with the many black gays who pack the church choirs on Sunday mornings.^^

Amen to that.


Does Donnie McClurkin call himself "ex gay" or are you giving him that term?


Finally a reasonable assessment of this story. Thank you Rod! I wish you would go to Towleroad and give your 2¢ They need it.

rob a

Anon, how does it matter what Donnie McClurkin calls himself? He cannot even say "gay", he claims he used to be "of that lifestyle."

"Ex gay" is an accepted phrase for gay men and women who claim to have changed their sexuality, especially through prayer or religion.

West Side Poz

Soulbrotha, why even waste your time at Towleroad, especially on black gay issues?

Franklyn Smith

Excellent point. Who are the black gay men and lesbians advising Barack Obama?

Obama often tries to avoid "black issues" per se, so he will not be seen as the "black candidate", but this problem could have been easily avoided if at least one black gay man had his ear. And please, don't mention Paris Barclay.

He certainly is black and gay but fairly removed from the community. If he were, he or someone should have flagged Obama.



So in other words, "ex gay" is just another term thrown around by radical gay activists? is it too much to believe you can turn your life around?


This is one of the reasons I have never warmed to Obama, he isn't comfortable with black's period, gay or straight, and, now this? I don't have a problem with the tour, he is doing what all politicians do, lie and pander for votes, and, he certainly will not be getting mine.

he seems to stand for whatever the crowd is he's in front of.

As for Towelroad, children, ya'll know the minute any black issue or even a picture is posted there, those sheets come off the beds of those posters, and they start spewing how they really feel about black folks, and, its a scary place with no rules in that regard.



So in other words, "ex gay" is just another term thrown around by radical gay activists? is it too much to believe you can turn your life around?


Just how does one become an "ex gay?" Not knocking his claim as I don't know or anyone else who seems to have been "cured," but, just how does it happen? Straight porn? Prayer and holy water? I think its a fair question, since he church seems so compelled to "hate the sin love the sinner" tripe, and all these gay men falling out on Sunday after singing their hearts and I assume souls out.

And, if just for one minute the so called black church would exert as much energy into their obsession with gay men and women onto other issues in the community, most of the MAJOR issues facing straight black people would be gone.

Earl FF

Rob, don't argue with someone who leaves anonymous comments. They are trying to obscure evade Donnie McClurkin's history.

greg g

LaRufus, that is an excellent question.

Sure. Donnie McClurkin is "straight" after being "gay" for decades, which only happened because he was abused, right? What about all those gay men and lesbians who were not abused? I wasn't.

A. Ronald

Obama is a politician. he is trying to become our first black president. He is doing the same thing that other politicians do. he is no more or less calculating than Hillary Clinton except Hillary Clinton would be smart enough to avoid the problem.

Please don't tell me tyhat barack Obama and his wife Michgelle, good church going black folk from Chicago's South Side, have never heard of Donnie McClurkin?

brad lindau

Okay, what do we think is going to happen? Do you think Obama is going to disinvite McClurkin? Are we going to hear something about "scheduling conflicts"?

Because if the gays force Obama to choose between gays and black churches, he is going to go with black churches. Anmd he wiull get political points. It may become his Sister Souljah moment.

Andy Niable

Heavy, heavy sigh....

Andy Niable

And meanwhile, how long before someone digs up this from the SF Chronicle in March 2004:

Like most religious opponents of same-sex marriage, the Rev. Harold Mayberry, pastor of the First African Methodist Church in Oakland, has preached against homosexuality to his congregation of 2,800.

However, he does not think a federal amendment is necessary. The scriptures direct people how to lead a moral life, he said.

"I'm comfortable in what I believe in," Mayberry said. "I'm not rejecting people. As God loves, we love. I don't reject thieves, I reject thievery.''


On Friday, August, 10, Senator Hillary Clinton stopped by the African American Art and Culture Complex for a meeting with Bay Area African-American ministers and community leaders.

"I thank all the leaders whom I met with for their contributions to our country and their commitment to fighting for civil rights and equality," said Clinton. "As President, I will partner with African-American leaders to ensure that the promise of America is realized."

The afternoon meeting, organized by Reverend Amos Brown of Third Baptist of San Francisco and Pastor Clarence Johnson of Mills Grove Christian Church, was an opportunity for African-American leaders to hear directly from Hillary Clinton on the issues that affect their community.
I want a president who knows how to strike a balance between addressing international and domestic challenges facing this country," said Reverend Dr. Harold R. Mayberry, Senior Pastor of First African Methodist Episcopal Church and Chairperson of Network for Interfaith Action.

(Brace yourselves, everyone, the gloves are off, and the hands stink of Rove.)


Rod, Keith and Jasmyne excellent points. Why doesn't Barack Obama have any prominent black gay advisors on his team? He's from the South Side of Chicago, of all people, he should have some as friends, neighbors or at his church.


So have agreed that Donnie McClurkin is not an "ex gay", that is merely a label created by radical gay activists?

Xavier Greene

Donnie McClurkin is not EX GAY. he is simply RECLOSETED or CELIBATE. The man is single and 48 years old.

Roland S. Martin


Your comment is a flat out lie. We've discussed the issue on WVON. It just heated up on Monday and we discussed on Tuesday, and will likely do again tomorrow. Speak from facts.

Derrick from Philly

Unfortunately, the black press and black church don't take black gays seriously. They only take white gays seriously, and the two hate each other.

This issue/mistake will go away in a few weeks. It may not even come up while the campaign tour is going on in South Carolina. I don't think Hillary's camp sees the need to even mention Donnie McClurkin until they get to San Francisco--during the California primary race.

Yes, I'm feelin' a bit cynical today.

Kevin C

I'm glad I was not raised in the church. The black gay community really gets their panties in a twist when you mention these fake ass gospel singers. It's just fraud folks. Actually, they are funny to watch. My favorite comedy show is the Bobby Jones Gospel Show. Fake as hell!! Off camera these folks cuss like sailors too.

So just enjoy the minstrel show.

Anybody want to buy some miracle olive oil soap?

Kevin C

Mes Deux Cents


The "Black media" is all over this story, if you like me consider the real Black media to be Black blogs.

African American traditional media has regressed to the point of almost being non-existant.

So I am very thankful that blogs have filled the void. I get 90% or more if my relevant news from Black bloggers.

Regarding Sen. Obama's I'm with Donnie tour, this is a wink and a nod to the Black religious right nutters, just as when White candidates speak at Bob Jones University.


Xavier Greene

Sorry, Roland. I know that you have a very successful career as CNN's in-house "voice of black America" but you're wrong.

Donnie McClurkin surrounds himself with church queens, they go to events together, they travel, his entire entourage is gay. Possibly some (or many, or all) claim they are "ex gay". The one thing black news media refuses to report is that psychologist and psychiatrists have thoroughly discredited the ex-gay movement.

Unfortunately, to point this out will irritate the black church and much of your audience.`

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