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06 October 2007



A term of "as little as 5 and up to 50 years?" I guess it will be 5 and he'll be out in 2, what a mess this has turned out to be. Had it been a black kid killing a white gay man, the issuing uproar from the so called "community" would have made sure it would have been a minimum of 50 and max 100 years. More lame "justice."

And, just what is the point of these so called hate crime laws if they are so easily manipulated to the point they don't do anything for the victim?

taylor Siluwé

Truly good news.

Now we just have to wait for the verdict on Anthony 'Hey, but I'm gay too' Furtunato.

marco vibe

wow all the crime that go reported and get to trial and less then the max is given to the bashers of gay people should be writing on the wall. no i am not saying nat turnerism. i am saying any life worth living is worth fighting for. Learn to defend yourself. karv magah is a good start. peace. as in innerpeace and self defense.

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