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12 October 2007



If a person could avoid prosecution for an anti-gay hate crime because of bisexual thoughts, no one could ever be convicted of an anti-gay hate crime. Almost everyone has bisexual thoughts, except the few people at either extreme end of the Kinsey scale.


Well, call me a cynic, but, I don't see him doing 5 years, probably will be out by the end of the year with NYC judges. This whole trial has been messed up from the start, and this verdict only makes it worse. The jurors were "moved" too bad, they weren't "moved" by the murder of Mr sandy and came back with the right verdict.

I feel so bad for his family, they have lost a son, and, still got no justice, and, to be devils advocate, had, it been Mr Sandy as the killer, the outcome would have been different. And, the killers get to go on thier merry way, just apalling "justice" American style.


This is so sad. Fortunato's only getting a minimum of five years. That's nothing considering the crime that he committed. There was forethought in his actions, which led to the death of another human being.

Arggh!! My condolences do go out to Michael's family.


The laws of this country need to be streamlined and the same for all murders. In my local paper, two teenaged boys robbed a restaurant in which they had planned to do, same as Sandy's killers, and killed two teenaged boys working there, boys they actually went to school with, life without parole. In the same paper, a guy gets 90 years for child porn on his computer, and, these killers get a minimum of 5 years, what a joke. The kid in Florida, shown on taped being beat and stomped on, not guilty with 90 minutes deliberation from all white jury. And, they need to lose this hate crime stuff, no one on a jury seems to full grasp what that even means. And, be a black victim? Black male victim? No justice at all.

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