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20 October 2007



Ha,ha,ha, I wondered how long this two bit, two faced hypocrite would take to switch his stance. All these gay folks were just gushing over him, and, now, they see him for what I do, a bigot, his disdain for blacks, and now gays who thought he was different, shows, he's just like Bush, pander and lie to get a vote to the point of mental illness, no matter the crowd. Thank goodness the evangelical fringe voters will see right through him.

This man is the scariest of all the candidates, next to Willard, sorry, Mitt the flip flopper.

And, scarier is that if one of them gets in, and the GOP wins both houses, this amendment has a good chance to win, its not as if the Supreme Court would say its wrong and illegal with the bigots Bush has in charge there.

Andy in Seattle

Sigh. I guess living with a gay couple when you're in the middle of divorcing your wife just doesn't make an impression.

And speaking of cow-towing to the Religious Right, what's this report about Obama touring with an "ex-gay" singer?


Say it ain't so, Barry...

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