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17 October 2007


Derrick from Philly

Since I get into trouble by using humor to comment on the icandy topics, all I'll say is, what beautiful men of color. Thank you, Rod.
Now, is that dignified enough? Filipe? Blah?

Also, which one y'all like the best, the chocolate one or the butterscotch daddy? Vanilla, anyone?

Franklyn Smith

I love this site, it's one stop shopping for black gay men. Pop culture, politics, hot men, lgbt news ...


Like whoa! These photos made my day!

Derrick from Philly

Tell me something, for the advertisement for "Ocean@Splash" isn't that the body builder, Tim Liggins. If so, what does this mean? Mr Liggins is doing advertisements for a gay club? Does it mean that my fantasies may be possible? That beautiful red-bo...that beautiful man of color!


All of these men are fine, fine as hell, but I like the third from the top the best.


I love black men

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