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22 October 2007



*yawn* this comes as no surprise, Rudy has in all likelihood used it frequently himself as his disdain for blacks is obvious and documented, but, you are right, they have to make sure that the Southern whites know that they are kindred spirits with blacks, and, not only Southerners, GOP voters as a whole. That is the main plank of their party, hatred of blacks, that hatred is even stronger than their hatred and vilification of gays.

But, good job keeping this out in the open, I wonder if Fixed News will mention it? Or, any of the other news outlets that are pandering to good old boy wannabe Rudy?


>>This is yet another way they are skirting the real issue, these alleged Christians, that are facing the black community.

Absolutely. This comes s no surprise because Giuliani ran with a shady crowd in NYC.

Thanks for staying on Giuliani's case.

greg g

Rudy Giuliani has never been strong on race relations. That was the central component of his platform in New York

Tony R

Much of the mainstream media has given Giuliani a free pass on his divisive racist rhetoric.


They only give him a pass because they are not confronted with his recoird. New York media have always been critical of the mayor.


Giuliani doesn't get a free pass here, that's all I can say.


Giuliani = loser

West Side Poz

He is going for the redneck vote, all right.


Rudy and his close advisors are all the same, bigots, he is just like most children of immigrants, shares a huge disdain for blacks. You see it with him, you see it with Alito on the Supreme Court, so, nothing out of their usual way of surrounding themselves with kindred spirits.

And to think there were some gays who thought he was the cat's meow on gay issues, now they see just what he is, a fake for a vote.

The true test would be to see if he has ANY blacks as close advisors, and not those same 2 or 3 token "conservative" pundits on TV.

Franklyn Smith

"And to think there were some gays who thought he was the cat's meow on gay issues, now they see just what he is, a fake for a vote."

How true, how true. I'd like to see the Log Cabin Republicans spin their way out of this one. They are so delusional into believing Giuliani is some huge friend to the community.

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