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12 November 2007



I will always say that I don't feel Isiah Washington is homophobic. I feel he is ghetto as hell, and still utilizes the language of how he grew up, but not homophobic. Putting a thug in a suit does not take the thug out of him. Does that make the remarks ok? No, it doesn't. yet for me it does put them in context.


Rod, I enjoyed your After Elton article.

However, if, as you say...

The editors After Elton asked us to survey and analyze the more important roles for black gay men and Latinos on the big screen.
...then why didn't you include Young Soul Rebels by Isaac Julien? Aren't black gay men in England black gay men, too?

In any case, that film, winner of the Critic's Award at Cannes, is the first full-length feature I ever saw where the main character was a black gay man—and a well-adjusted one at that.

And, the director was an out black gay man, too.


Jim, I'm quite familiar with "Young Soul Rebels" and its director, Isaac Julien, has often been discussed on these pages.

The focus was on films that were primarily produced and/or distributed in America. There are many fine British films that feature black gay characters, but, the genre and experience is purely British.

Thanks for reading.


I have read the article and while I found it interesting, I was disturbed by the need to pit the small number of black gay films against one another. I enjoyed "Brother 2 Brother" as well as "Punks" for different reasons and on different levels. I am just glad both movies were made.

Rod McCullom

Michael, the point of the article was not to "pit films against each other." It was simply to recognize some of the best roles for gay black gay men in American movies.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts in that last post. You have a talent for making a hard subject clear to others. I enjoy reading the posts from a guy who has the same flair for explaining things.

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