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26 November 2007


Derrick from Philly

Probably the most despicable US Senator since Strom Thurmond. Well, I forgot about Jesse Helms...and then there's our own Democratic Senator, Robert Byrd, a former Klansman. Come to think of it, there's a bunch of 'em in the US Senate that are rotten bastards...rubbin' other men's feet in the next toilet stall. Lord, have mercy.


Trent Lott is one of the worst senators ever to step foot on the US Capitol. He has made a career from fear, over race, religion, sexuality and terror. An evil man.


And, before the jumping and down starts, just remember, he is being replaced by a younger bigot, the son of Chuck Pickering, Chip, so, things will remain the same with the member from Mississippi, virulently anti- black, and, most likely anti-gay.

Andy Niable

(Dusting hands) Good riddance. Hastert is leaving too. Good riddance. Time to clean house. America (and Congress) needs change. It's now up to US to fill the vacuum. Otherwise we'll just get Strom/Trent/Jesse 2.0.


Hey Rod, can you report on the rumors about an online rentboy that some blogs (Perez Hilton I think)who most probably might have ties to Mr. Lott, the (closeted) Racist Homophobe.

Rod McCullom

Zeus, there isn't much to report. The hustler/rentboy denied knowing Lott and denied even claiming there was a story. It appears the blog that advanced the rumors may have faked some of the emails that said otherwise.

That was quite obvious to me, which is why I stayed away from the story. Lott is resigning to lobby, and, along with many of his other Republican colleagues, does not want to be in the minority.

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