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11 December 2007



While I find his comments to be offensive, since anytime they start spewing the Bible, they need to be reminded, that the same book they chose to condemn homosexuality, was used to justify slavery.

That said, his comments are his, and, even though, I don't care for them, I'm old enough to realize, there are lots of people who feel the way he does, and, he has to be taught that he's wrong in a manner that he can understand, which is hard for people who are holier than thou while hiding behind the Bible.


If it werent for me hating the Patriots as much as I do I really would be pulling against the Colts this year. Not feelin Coach Dungy at all....

Andy Niable, Fagnostic

Alright: all those players--

having sex outside the relgiously-sanctified covenant of marriage

using the Lord Thy God's name in vain

working (playing?) on the Sabbath...

OFF THE FIELD, Coach needs to counsel you.


i think that ur sex life should not reflect on what u love to do if you love to play football and your gay then so be it let the player play.

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