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21 December 2007



Sen Clinton is a disapointment at best to GLBT people everywhere- her hand has always been stretched out to us, but usually from behind her back so as not to seem overt, and there is a political contribution envelope in it. Inside the envelope is a promissory note that reads, "After the election, darling". I frankly am not in favor of Sen. Clinton, and few of the front runners are worthy of GLBT support.

If elected, she will be 4 or perhaps 8 years of a period in our history when 2 political families have run this country. It is time to send Sen. Clinton back to the senate where she can contimplate how she contributed to the poison atmosphere that is Washington. As much as the GOP is the prime culprit in that: her triangulation on political events is just as much to blame.

I am in the political wilderness already- as are many of my brothers and sisters. Let them come to us for a change.

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