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18 December 2007



I was at brunch at some friends, white guys, and, this was on in the back ground, and, I asked one of them to turn it up, and, they were as amazed as I was when he would not say the policy was wrong. I guess it shows he lied at his "faith" press conference, since, the "cult" is still what he reveres more than anything, including fairness and, repudiating its racist past and present. I don't care what he or the 5 black Mormons in the USA say, they have not got that hatred out of their hearts in 30 years about the children of "Cain."

Willard would be the worst of ALL than candidates, for blacks as a whole, even more than gays, and, he is SCARY since he has been taught for 60 years that we are "unworthy", and, his faith said we were hardly humans, beating out only Rudy and his disdain for blacks, and, black men in particular,

Glad you posted this one.


It's funny that Mitt mentions what his parents did for Civil Rights, snd to stand by their beliefs, but he doesn't metion what he has done.

He also fails to realize the irony in the fact that his father sacrificed a lot for his beliefs, while Mitt has pandered to bigots in order to further his political career.


I didn't think that the android would say anything, since, he like most of his cult think that when God speaks to their prophets, they are not to question why, even when the know its wrong to hate. It was great to see him squirm around the question, just like all Mormons do.

I have to say that I agree with Andy, he would be the worst nightmare for blacks, and, that's speaking volumes when you look at the last few Republicans who have been in office of late.


For all the fears expressed here about Romney’s being a puppet of Salt Lake City, I suspect the actual truth is more ordinary.

Romney is probably not particularly religious, no more racist than most, and not a fanatic. He is just lacking in any morality. He will say anything and adopt any position if he thinks it will help him get elected, and his only real constituency is his fellow greed-heads.

In this, he is not much different than Hillary, who at present is the favored candidate of much of the investment banking community. Obama may well be one of these, too. The way our society is constructed, it lifts up people with no moral beliefs into positions of power.

Any vote cast for a candidate like this will just serve to keep us in misery, whether or not you have convinced yourself, as some have about Hillary, that the candidate is really a "progressive" at heart.


Jim, if only it were so easy! I feel as though anytime you are part of a cult, like Willard is, they exert influence. With his "faith" its all very secretive, and, not out in the open. is he a racist? Only he knows, he didn't say he wasn't, he danced around and did his usual flip flops or denounce the "church" policy that was as blatantly racist as apartheid was in SA. Racism is still a cancer in this country, and, all the candidates are afraid to touch it, oddly enough, other than Huckabee.

I don't need them to be moral, have a sense of fairness, as this is supposed to be a democracy, and, since only the wealthy can run, we have little to nothing to expect other than that. Its bad enough that I can't in good conscience cast a vote for any of them based on where they stand on social or economic issues, so, the only thing that will be a barometer is, can they be fair to blacks, and gays, not asking too much is it?


Why is the "racist past" of the Mormon Church any worse than the sexist and homophobic present of, say, the Catholic Church which does not allow FEMALE or gay priests/leaders. Why is the racist past of the Mormon Church more important than it's sexist and HOMOPHOBIC present. No one is grilling the other candidates about their churches past and present racist, sexist and HOMOPHOBIC policies.

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