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28 January 2008



He's just so cute to me. It was a nice treat to see his narrow butt in, "The Reception." If brother can't get a date, he can call me.


He is adorable. I have to admit that I love sexy nerdy men...


Thanks Rod. I've seen those commercials and didn't recognize him...maybe the cap. I urge all to search out The Reception. One of the more complex and interesting portrayals of Black gay characters.

I'm certain Darrien is in one of those What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas commercials. He's at a club sitting between two women with a halo on his head. Another character is supposed to be the devil?

Reginald Harris

Yes he is the 'Angel' in the Vegas commercial mentioned by Lavenderpop. I didn't recognize him from _The Reception_ either however! Wow, what a very good movie.

My partner, btw, is pretty sure that the 'rejection' was because of sexuality.


I knew I had seen him before but couldnt remember where. Thanks for the heads up Rod. The Reception was very good!


Yeah....the movie THE RECEPTION is a must see. Did not get the PRAISE.....nor the PRESS it so richly deserved. Unlike some other stuff out there featuring "US"....this moive was WELL DONE.


I've been tracking this brother since he was on New York Undercover in 1995. He also played a recurring role as a doctor on "Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit" in 2001. AND, he's a director - I saw his independent film "X-Patriots" at a film festival. He's not just a pretty face boys! Holla!

Zack The Ripper

This is the same guy from that movie 'Preaching to the Choir' and that TV show Thirdwatch. I admit, I'm a fan.

j. brotherlove

Ha! I'm a Darien Sills-Evans fan too. He takes chances and I respect that.

I reviewed The Reception as well as X-Patriots (which I've never been able to find on DVD).

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