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29 January 2008



Is anyone REALLY surprised by the conduct of anyone from the Republican Party? I know I am not. It's too bad that they have to rely on this cut-throat, stray-from-the-issues rhetoric. Perhaps it is because the "conservative" members of the party cannot rely on their congressional records and scandals, or the two lame duck terms of the current war monger Republican President to get them elected. Can you imagine the tactics they will use against Hillary or Barack? I need to get my umbrella to prepare for the shitstorm . . . . .

Andy Niable

Mud will be thrown... (putting on my rain slicker)

And yes, while we're at it, let's remind the Log Cabin Republicans getting all wet for Grampa McCain--he might have said he was against a Federal ban on marriage equality... but supports bans on the state level.

"States rights" sound familiar to anyone?

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