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29 January 2008




I would respectfully disagree with your analysis. It could have been awkwardness, not snubbing. There are a number of blogs that are having folks challenge how journalists--including you--are interpreting this moment.

Please, give us something important. I am not in middle school anymore. I want to know about substantive issues.


Derrick from Philly

No, Chris, it is important. After the primaries are over either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will be the nominee. They will need the full support of the full Democratic Party. Neither one of them can win without the support (atleast public support) of the other). Neither one of them can depend on Independents and progressive Republicans (where you find those? Rhode Island?) to put them in the White House. It will take a united Democratic Party for a woman or a black man to win the White House.

Next time, Senator Obama should shake her hand--he can always wash his hand later. It's Big Cigar Daddy Bill whose hand Barack doesn't have to shake--he's the one who has been nasty to Barack--too nasty.


Chris, I respectfully disagree.

If you're a regular reader, you should realize that for the past two weeks, Rod has NOT covered the daily Obama-Clinton drama. He went out of his way NOT to chronicle the race baiting, charges and counter-charges.

I don't have to agree with everything that is printed here, and, you shouldn't either. But I'll say one thing: Rod was writing about Barack Obama considering running for president in 2005 and early 2006, much long before many other people jumped on the Obama bandwagon. He's been very fair, and, truth be told, Obama does get a free ride from the press and bloggers. It seems when Obama is criticized, supporters invariably attack the messenger instead of the "substantive issues."


Derrick, you make an excellent point. This is a primary. They're always fought like this and the expectation is that later we will unify around one candidate.

I've been biting my tongue for weeks but now I'll say it. Naymon, you are right. Since this blog started in the summer of 2005, Rod has been religiously discussing Barack Obama. Much more so than any other black gay blog, or, many black blogs in general. For most of the time, you all ignored him or said Obama didn't have a chance.

After Barack won in Iowa, he suddenly became the messiah and Hillary suddenly became the anti-Christ. There is almost no criticism of Barack in the media, the blogs are all ion love with him, the pundits love and him, and, if you are white and criticize him, you're called a racist. If you're black and criticize him, even worse.

Obama turned his back to Clinton when she offered her hand. As Derrick said, "It will take a united Democratic Party for a woman or a black man to win the White House." His turning his back to her tells supporters to do the same if she is the nominee, which many are already saying, even in comments on this blog.

Any Democrat is better than Romney or McCain. You can have an end to the war, a plan for universal health care and a move toward LGBT rights on the federal level. Or you can have none of that.

A. Ronald

Wow, ATL Kid, tell us how you really feel, lol.

Rod as always keeps it real and has ignored the last two weeks of charges and counter charges and stuck to the issues. But as Derrick from Philly says, this is too damned important. Barack Obama and many of his supporters have acted childish. The remind me of Claymates.

It was stupid to turn his back on Hillary but HE KNEW THE CAMERAS WOULD CATCH IT.This is ridiculous. Everything teh Clintons do "is calculated" and everyone wants to give Barack Obama a free ride all the time. man up and shake the woman's hand.

brad lindau

I'm still on the fence about Obama and Clinton. Both candidates have their pluses and minuses.


He had a rough week before the SC primaries. The Billary forces were on his tail, beating him down. He IS human after all, I dont blame him one bit if he threw her MAJOR SHADE. She deserved it.................

Derrick Foss

"The Billary forces were on his tail, beating him down. He IS human after all, I dont blame him one bit if he threw her MAJOR SHADE. She deserved it."

Are we talking about a presidential candidate? Or some voguing queen battling it out on the dance floor?


On MSNBC today some were saying that perhaps Obama was being called or tapped by someone on his left. Specifically, Tom Daschle said that when on the floor of these types of events there are so many folks calling your name that what might appear to be a snub might just be one recognizing or responding to someone calling your name. Regardless of what really happened it appears that the idea that Obama snubbed Clinton has gained significant traction today.


Umm, maybe it's gaining traction because it happened?


Regarding the "shade" comment. Well, we are supposed to be discussing a presidential candidate and the issues, but, Obama has captured the imagination of many people (ie, young black) who normally don't participate in politics and these are their frames of reference.

The behavior is very odd coming from a candidate who claims to want to "unify" and not from the "old politics." But you're right, Obama is human and he's a politician, its very silly to discuss him like he is a saint.



You are disingenuous and quite frankly spineless, just come out of your Hillary closet and just admit that your backing her (and Bill). At least other bloggers such Jasmyne Cannick has the honesty to announce on their blogs who they are backing.

To just sit back and take (not to veiled) pot shots at Obama without stating your true intent is to put it bluntly…the actions of a PUNK. (I’m quite sure I don’t have to explain the meaning behind that word)

I am so sick of reading these other comments that “assume” you supported Barack Obama from the beginning because you reported that he would run for the presidency on your blog. (Pat Buchanan also talked about Barack Obama running for the presidency over a year ago also…and?)

Perhaps your afraid of offending your already limited viewers. (outside of your “good girlfriends “ from the gym) Your acting just like the Clintons, lying and hedging your bets.

I’m a proud supporter of Barack Obama, so I say to you Rod…just come out of that Clinton closet . Like the Clintons and their race baiting, lying, and gutter politics you too have already been outed.


Al, if anyone is being disingenuous and spineless, it's you and other ANONYMOUS johnny come lately "proud Obama supporters" who try to silence any criticism of Barack Obama. You're supposed to keep pushing candidates and politicians. Only a fool would welcome them with open arms and demand nothing.

The man raised a legitimate point. Some of Barack Obama's behavior has been arrogant and the media often does give him a pass. Many supporters often attack the messenger and never address the substance of the criticism. If Obama wants to campaign as a "unifier", stop pulling childish stunts like these. Because if Hillary did it, everyone would all over her case. End of story.


One more thing, "AL":

You sound like a bitter hater. I've never read Rod discuss any of his "good girlfriends from the gym" (r almost any of his friends) and seriously doubt he would use such a term. Since you brought up Jasmyne and popularity, I don't see Blackberry, New York Times, or airlines advertising on her blog or any other black gay sites. This is the only one that is mentioned everywhere from the 'hood to Radar and the Huffington Post.

I'm sorry to get my dandruff up but I love this site. He was the first to talk about Obama and almost everyone told him he was wrong, and, had scoop on Noah's Arc and DL Chronicles. It offers news you often hear nowhere else, on black gay men everywhere from Chicago to the Cameroon, and politics and pop culture. Different viewpoints are encouraged. Personal attacks are not. Barack Obama is an honorable man and would probably not be "proud" of your behavior.


Obama states there was no intentional snub:


Derrick from Philly

Al, I come to these blogs because I enjoy them and I learn from them: Keith Boykin's, Andy Towle's, Pam Spaulding's, Jasmyne Cannick's, Taylor Siluwe's & Rod McCullum's. I'm grateful to the hosts of these blogs for creating them and allowing folks to have a discuss topics--some serious some not. In all my years visiting these blogs, I don't think I've ever read a comment directed at the host with such venom.

It took a long time for me to seriously consider (or support) a black man or a woman to be the nominee of the Democratic Party --even in an election year when the Republicans seem more vulnerable than they have since the congressional elections of 1974. I felt it was too big a risk. It wasn't symbolic--(trying to make a statement at the convention), as was the case with Jesse and Al Sharpton. Obama is for real. What COULD jeopardize Senator Obama's chances are statements/feelings/accusations seething with the kind of venom contained in your above comment. Please don't sink as low as Bill Clinton did last week.

The other day a poster on Towleroad called Obama "a crack smoking nigger." Other white posters chastised him, but he was so ridiculous he couldn't be taken seriously. Your comment was too serious for me. Where's that Obama inspiration?

"Punk"? Chile, please.

Scott Tree

Derrick from Philly, thank you for the beautiful testimony. This was the most hateful comment against Rod or any blogger that I've ever read.

I read all of those blogs, and more, and one thing that you'll notice is the top bloggers all respect each other. They may not agree with each other, but, they respect each other's writing and analysis. In turn, they respect the audience and Rod has gone out of his way to inform and entertain all of the readers. We don't have to agree with him 100 percent, this is a blog not a Xerox machine.

Derrick is a very well respected commenter here and he is telling the truth. For many months, he and many other commenters said Hillary or Barack didn't have a chance. Rod has continuously argued for both of them and told people, in his posts and in comments, to jump on board with either one. Please heed Derrick's testimony: What will endanger Barack's chances are the venom that you and many other supporters direct at anyone who criticizes. This is an election and this is what journalists and pundits do. Truth be told, you never answered any of Rod's points.

One more thing and thank you Derrick for reminding us. How dare you call Rod McCullom a "punk." We know this man's first and last name, and, see his pictures and know what he looks like and where he lives. It's a freakin' outrage that anonymous internet trolls call an OUT and PROUD gay black man a "punk". This man writes articles and blogs under his real, government name. He doesn't leave anonymous comments on blogs. The punk is in the mirror.

Andy Niable

Tempest, meet Teapot. Teapot, Tempest. (Tempest and Teatpot shake hands)

Obama Fan 4 Life

You said it, Dean. Both of the candidates, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, are qualified and ready to lead from day one. However, I'm going with Obama, because he has the vision and the intellect to lead us in a new direction.

Rod has done a wonderful job reporting and analyzing on the election, it is remarkable that he can chat up Omarion and Bow Wow one minute, then deconstruct election strategy and positions.

He made a very pointed reference about the media spin on Obama's campaign. Read the comments by Chris, DFS, Reginald or others who disagreed. They were forceful but agreeable, which is how you are supposed to be. Is it true that Rod has been chatting up Obama for almost two years? Yes. Does it seem like he leans toward Hillary? Yes. Is it a problem? No, because he goes out of his way to be fair to everyone. This is politics, people will disagree, that's the beauty of the process. Siding with Hillary over Barack doesn't make anyone "less" black, and, I have to agree with others, the vast majority of you were not even supporting Barack last month this time, or, last year at this time when Rod said, this brother might go to the White House.

The trollish personal attack on Rod was un-necessary and un-warranted. It was truly spineless. If you are writing a better blog that covers black gay men, current affairs, LGBT news, etc, please, give us the URL.

Earl FF

I'm an Obama fan and disagree with some of Rod's analysis. So I re-read this post twice. The one thing he said that struck me was when he said Obama's willingness to work with Republicans, or, even friendliness with the Bush cabinet, was held to a different standard. He's right about that.

Even though I disagree with most of what he said, there was no need for that bitchy, catty comment. That was the punk move.


The story that these two pictures tell is not comprehensive enough to make any valid conclusions. In this first pic it looks to me that Obama is reaching to shake, Victoria Kennedy's (if that's her) hand. Obama is far too classy to turn his back to Hilary - give him more credit.


The story that these two pictures tell is not comprehensive enough to make any valid conclusions. In this first pic it looks to me that Obama is reaching to shake, Victoria Kennedy's (if that's her) hand. Obama is far too classy to turn his back to Hilary - give him more credit.


Great post Rod!,
Your last paragraph hit the nail on the head! It seems like there is a double standard when it comes to conduct on the campaign trail. For example, in the South Carolina debate, it was Barack who began slinging mud with his rehearsed response to Bill Clinton's criticism (although he isn't running against Bill Clinton), it then continued with him criticizing Hillary for her work with Wal-Mart, which received great fanfare and applause from the audience. Then, when she played him at his own game and talked about his involvement with Resko, she received boos!

This type of conduct on the part of the Obama campaign really does show how inexperienced and unprepared he is for the White House. It seems as though he believes that he can run a tongue-in-cheek campaign where he can criticize anyone but when they bring up his record they are demonstrating "old politics". If Barack Obama becomes the nominee against someone with enormous popularity like John McCain, he doesn't stand a chance because eventually be will need to be held accountable for his voting records, his past as an attorney and his drug use.

Don't get me wrong, he is a great inspirational speaker, which I like about him. But so far all he has spouted has been empty rhetoric that demands applause (come on, who doesn't want change?!?) without actually stating a plan and being held accountable for how his plans will work and how it will change this country. Hillary on the other hand has clearly stated her plans and has explained how they will work in great detail. She has demonstrated maturity and has been prepared at nearly every debate where she sticks to the issues. After all, we are voting for a President who will need to get things done, and who has REAL plans to deal with the REAL issues.

I am a former Obama supporter, but I believe that he is demonstrating a new pompous and cocky personality that I find extremely unbecoming and frankly, unelectable in a presidential election. As great of a speaker as he is, watch him during the debates and notice how he stutters his way through every "plan" he has.

The Media isn't helping either, if she had win South Carolina, Obama would he feeling the hatred. Everyone wants to cover a winner . . . . .


Longtime Rod 2.0 fan here. The personal swipes at Rod are totally uncalled for. He's busted his ass for years putting out a great web site and doesn't deserve that kind of bs.

That being said, I think the headline to this post is an unproven allegation. Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, standing to Obama's left in the first photo above, started speaking to Obama as Senator Clinton approached Senator Kennedy. The second photo posted doesn't show Sen. McCaskill. Both Sens. Obama and McCaskill have explained this to the media today.

It seems this whole idea that Obama snubbed Clinton is based on a couple still photos that don't necessarily tell the whole story. I couldn't find any video footage on YouTube, but I did find a few talking heads there referencing the same few still photos.

From my vantage point, there's no there there - as Gertrude Stein famously said. Rod is entitled to his opinion, and this post is clearly partisan. I just wish it were based on facts and issues, and not the latest molehill that some are trying to huff and puff to mountainous proportions.


I see nothing wrong with Chris's assertion that it is wrong to assume he was "snubbing" her. Obama's actions were a mistake, even it was unintentional.

I still think the use of the term "snub" is leading. My journalism instructors in college would have sent this article back to me and told me to use a word that was not so biased.

CNN was one of the few news sites that clearly stated it was a major faux pas, they reported that some that it was on purpose but they did not try to tell us what to think.

I come to your site because I respect your unbiased analysis. I too was disappointed in your choice of words.

It also interests me that everyone is jumping down Obama's throat for this but have said nothing about the (not-so) veiled racism both Clintons have displayed this week.

I want all the candidates to be above board. I am all for holding Senator Obama accountable but call out those others who will use racism.

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