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10 January 2008


Andy Niable


Derrick from Philly

Well, it's one of the worst double-crosses a former candidate can do to his former running mate. Usually, the former candidate (or out-going President) just keeps his mouth shut, and does not endorse anybody during the primaries--if they don't support their Vice-President or former running mate. Kerry's rich, a gentleman, and I suppose, honorable; but he's a goon when it comes to political civility and tradition.


I don't think he's a gentleman. One of his biggest misteps in the 2004 election was not utilizing Edwards to gain support in the south. He was afraid that if he lost the election and made Edwards look too good, that he would be a too much competition if both decided to run in 2008. That just shows where his head was in '04.

Derrick from Philly

Cadence: You're so right again. You know a lot about these political shenanigans. I never thought about Kerry having an "hidden agenda" concerning John Edwards 4 years ago--just in case Kerry lost the 2004 Election. Funny, I think Edwards sensed it--now that you mention it. Or else why the cold relationship between the two ex-running mates?

I didn't think of Kerry having all that Machiavellian shit goin' on inside his head (I didn't think he was that politically savvy.

Well, he's a gentleman but truly triflin', says Mammy.

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