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27 February 2008


Andy in Seattle

You give a slight win to Obama, but on substance I would have called it close to a tie (if you ignore Hillary's unfortunate head-voice and Obama's dangerously-close-to-Kerry complex run-on sentences and dangerously-close-to-Gore-2K smirks).

Note to Obama: Canada has a Prime Minister, not a "President."

Note to Hillary: Those who complain about the rules have to pledge to follow them. In Florida and Michigan.

Interestingly Hillary has slowly gotten weaker in each debate (maybe it's a slip of confidence, or maybe a conscious but inept attempt at looking tougher and tougher) as Obama has improved his performance. I'm a loyal Democrat, and I'll vote for either in the general, but I still think Obama calm confidence is going to prove more attractive than McCain's raspy fearmongering. A McCain/Clinton debate, I fear, would devolve into a battle of the cranky-voiced.

Agreed about Russert's gotcha-style. I'm tired Wolf, Brian, Tim, the entire punditocracy. Can we PLEASE HAVE REAL Lincoln/Douglass style debates? Ya know--where the candidates FACE EACH OTHER, present issues, challenge each other, no prescripted questions or YouTube gimmickry? (Recall the example in the final season of West Wing, where Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits showed us just how exciting such a thing might be?)

Barring that, we could go to the other extreme: I challenge the candidates to a debate on Comedy Central, and subject themselves to the ridiculing criticism of Dennis Miller, D.L. Hughley, Stephen Colbert, Anne Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Andrew Sullivan, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Arianna Huffington, ad nauseum. If they can survive that media onslaught, a Washington Press Conference or a meeting with Raul Castro will be a cakewalk...

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