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05 February 2008



I checked our the site yesterday. The posts are very diverse as Mr. Boykin describes.

Rod, glad to see your name as a contributer!


Oh great. Just what I need. Another blog I'll be obsessed with! Seriously, this is wonderful. All different voices and opinions all together.


You know I have no problems with this...for real....but I just hate it when people try to insult my intelligence. I mean the very notion that KEITH has gone from having a gay oriented website to a website that "welcomes gays" sounds very sanitized to me. I mean if you out to make some money and fame for yourself....which if I based upon his past track record is correct...this is pretty much likely why Keith is doing so. And it's totally okay to be selfish....but don't try to pass it off as this BROADER COMMUNITY crap. There are plenty of other great BLACK AMERICA oriented websites out there. I like coming to a place where I can just read up on issues relevant to BLACK GAY MEN...hint hint@ROD. My my my...what will our little Keith do now with all the pretty little pictures of himself he used to have up on his site. I guess he'll stash them on his myspace page.


He's ... interesting. He's done a lot for our community. I'm not sure what I think about this, since one of the things he said about dropping the other blog was that he was tired and wanted a break. Folks change their minds on the regular so it is no biggie I guess. I'm not a big blog guy personally ... this is the only one I really make a point to read each and everyday because it's very newsy. I just don't like the cattiness of many of the others. Rod brings his shit straight and on point and I like that. But if this makes Mr. Boykin happy I say more power to him!


I thought we were finally finished with this media-whore! I have to say I began as an avid reader of his blog a few years ago, and over that time watched it deteriorate into utter useless nonsense. Case-in-point, all the screaming over he and his partners less than stellar movie "Dirty Laundry". The truth is Mr. Boykin has used the black, gay community to promote himself under the guise of helping others. Sadly, he is just a tired, old, queen who can't accept the fact that he is no longer relevant.

Don't believe me? How about this from his bio, "attended law school with US Senator Barack Obama". Really, did Senator Obama even know you? And this has relevance to you, and more importantly, to your readers, how? Talk about pathetic!

Anyway, all the best to him in his new self promotion project. I'll stick with worthwhile blogs like this one.




Double ouch


Triple ouch, there are some mighty bitter folks out there, who need thier own blogs, since, they can't find one that fits thier unique needs.


I read the angry comments and I continue to read for substantial evidence that Keith hasn't done anything for the BLACK GAY community or the GAY BLACK community for those of you who say you want something for both of your identities. I think some of you just want gay.

The website is a unifying tool for everyone in Black communities in it's broadest sense. No, it isn't for everyone but if you look at the contributors it has already started with the unifying piece considering it is so diverse in regards to sexual orientation, age, and gender.

To think, we fight to be black and we fight to be gay but yet we continue to throw stones at one another. And, everyone has some type of self gain in their endeavors but we still help others along the way.

So please, continue to rant but the fact of the matter is, the website is already gaining an audience hence the comments and the website numbers already. So, for the blogs that have been here for years giving you want you want, well, others are taking what they want from thedaily(fucking)voice.com


latecommenter, I miss the old Boykin board, as it felt like a place, you could be black and gay and proud and speak your mind, and, not have to worry about dealing with the racists who flock to other gay sites and spew. But, the new site has been very informaitve for the election, and, I've enjoyed it, will I after the election, don't know, as I like black gay sites to follow things that affect me as a black gay man.

I applaud Keith for trying something new, its change that makes the world go around, and, keeps you alive.

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