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07 February 2008


Taylor Siluwé

I don't know what this ad has to do with denims, but I LOVE it!!


Damn at that man.


You took the words right out of my mouth. What the hell are they selling?

Derrick from Philly

Hopelessly hetero? Hetero for what--girls who carry strap-ons? OK, we discussed this before: there are straight guys who knowingly model/perform for a gay male audience. OK, I remember.

Oh, I'm bein' mean. I just had to "read" some evil queen on Towleroad for being mean to me, and now here I am. I'm sorry

...y'all really think he's 100% straight.


you know on some level I have actually been ruined for dealing with "real" people because I spend too much time admiring these exceptional beauties like this dude


Forget any Republican tax rebates to bolster the building industry.

Just have Maurice and other hunks twirling their torches in gear like this and there'll be a lot going up real fast along every block. Sales of household trades
and goodies would definitely rise, with guys like Maurice pushing up the market for kings & queens and all victoria's in-betweens: beds, secrets and satin sheets, that is.

I'd like to have him join my member's union...HMMM GOOD!


From his bio:

Q: What is your definition of sexy
MT: My def of sexy is watching those victoria secret models hit the runway. God damn those Motha fu#kas look good.

Now, would you please tell me what straight man calls sexy females "motha fukkas"?

Hey Maurice! Overcompensate much?

tyler grey

Oh yes, this is the one, thank you Rod!

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