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07 February 2008


Robert Jones, Jr.

How does the saying go: Must we be so tolerant that we tolerate intolerance?

I honestly can't find much fault with the Dutch rejecting the misogyny and homophobia of extremist muslims and using that as a basis for their desire not to be led by someone who might share that viewpoint.

Derrick from Philly

I wonder if Muslim youth whose families have done well financially in Europe try to hold on to customs & extreme religious views that are "out of place" in the secular West. (Although we got some extreme religious Christian nuts in this country, don't we, now?) Are extreme muslim fundamentalist views and misogyny more prevalent among the economically disadvantaged Muslim communities in Europe?

Still, if you want to migrate to the homeland of your former oppressor colonists, you're going to have to adjust to their liberal society. You want to force muslim fundamentalism ON OTHERS, then stay home. Although, most of these so-called Moroccan youth are probably native born Dutch citizens.


The Dutch and their over vaunted "tolerance" aren't as tolerant as they would like people to believe, like in most European countries, they may be a bit more tolerant of gays, but, when it comes to race, they are still dealing with issues that darker skin is inferior and, many a gay establishment still won't let people with dark skin into their venues.


When I was in Amsterdam this bi-racial dutch guy said to me "you know the first slave ships were Dutch"


in fact, Pim Fortuyn was to become the Prime Minister as a result from him starting the first anti-muslim campaign - he was gay.

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