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18 February 2008


Mel Smith

Thanks for sharing this story.


I read this yesterday and was at a lose for words. I wasn't going to post a comment because this article was so sad and I wasn't sure what to say. In cases like this I just feel helpless. I send all my love and prayers to my brothers and sisters who are suffering under religious bigotry in the form of homophobia. I know it's not perfect here in the states especially given the most recent incident in Ca. where a child was killed for being gay. With that said, I think this country is slowly moving in the right direction... slowly..


And another thing....Rod... Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to keep us aware of what's happening around the world to lgbt people. I salute you and I'm grateful that you are here.


Fucking animals.


These stories just break my heart, the ignorance and hate in this country seems small in comparison. One day soon, I hope to see something good come out of Africa about gays, so, far from South Africa to Egypt and all points in between, stupidity and hate is all we see when it involves gays. Too bad the corrupt politicians behind this have been able to dupe the public into finding a scapegoat so they can continue to plunder the country and not fix the real issues.

Pastor Michael Vincent Crea

Peace, Rod & ALL!

As one who has served in Peace Corps in Senegal, 1984-85, since returning three times out of pocket, [when wrongly fired after being falsely accused by a Reagan era, Boston conservative supervisor, of teaching birth control, after midwives and I taught pre-natal classes, when a woman died of an infection 3-weeks after birth and I helped dig her grave] and after winning my appeal, I am very upset and heartbroken to see these attacks, atmosphere and anti-gay attitudes and hostilities, never seen or
experienced in any way, shape or form, except from the Americans that I had contact with there.

As with a previous comment to Rod's exceptional coverage of these regrettable incidents, I put it squarely on the non-believing-but-in-himself, Carl Rove and the likes of those 'fake
Christians', as Sir Charles Barkley describes these and I might add other extremists.

Like the very late Jerry Falwell, et al, such bigotry and venomous bite brings hate here and around the world because of the hateful,
homophobic Bush dickcheneyship and their minions.

What is worse is the loss in the translations and images sent across the waters. The ripening of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., is where growing unemployed are frustrated and financially frightened, looking for scapegoats
for their own bad, suffering due to policies that keep the masses divided instead of united against imperialistic, fear-mongering authorities, fomenting and fostering such unacceptable actions, behavior and irrational
treatment of other Human-Divine Beings, which ALL of US, yes, LGBT & straights are.

There is a Senegalese proverb that all should heed over there and here and choose to use to live and let live and resolving conflicts of any sort: "Fighting does not exist, only misunderstanding due to a lack of adequate communication."

I pray for my own work to continue
as a channel of peace to communicate an egalitarian, loving
understanding of one and all with one another, when I return to people I love and have called family for almost 25 years.

We, the People ARE the POWER! We, the Workers ARE the Wealth of our ONE WORLD!

All of us, LGBT & straights must not be judging God's people as right or wrong but truly as we are: OVER 6 Billion examples of LOVE's ONENESS in many loving, unique images of the Creator: no matter our affections and expressions; with respect and tolerance for every affirmation, amongst all nations in our ONE WORLD.

May God save and bless all LGBT's & Straights in Senegal and save our "TERANGA": "Hospitality & Respect" for all persons! Amen.

With peace, prayers & LOVE, Steadfast in Spirit & in Truth,
Jamm ak jamm,

Pastor Michael Vincent Crea
One World Life Systems
aka in Senegal: Biram Thiaw

West Side Poz

I'd like to take a minute to just co-sign what pastor Michael Vincent and Freeeleo said. These are horrible stories and remnind us that no matter how bad we black gay men may have it in the States, being homosexual is a matter of life and death for our African brothers and sisters.

Thanks so much, Rod, for keeping a focus on our African brothers in the struggle. You're the only blog that routinely does this. I was reading some rather sharp and personal criticism of you on this blog and some others an dcan only hope that you realize at least many of us appreciate your work.

Rod McCullom

Freeleo, pastor Michael and West Side, thanks much for the kind words. It's all about helping, sharing and having a little fun.

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