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20 March 2008


Derrick from Philly

I believe you, brotha'. You don't want to be gay, and you don't want no woman--except Halle Berry. Well, there's some drag queens who look like Halle...go to London and take a look, brotha'. You won't technically be gay, you'll be "trade"--just ask Eddie Murphy.

It's none of my business, brotha', but what do you do, then? Like me, all DVDs now(and coconut oil), hunh? Try Brian Pumper. If he doesn't do anything for you, then, no, you aint gay.


colin needs to stop!

is he talking about his alleged flings with american sprinter michael johnson in the early 90's?


besides, colin has always had my gaydar on blast everytime i see him..even when he did the british version of dancing with the stars..

and, dont he know halle got her man?

cacy forgenie

I don't get gay people or straight people sometimes...if the man says he's not gay and not interested in women, why does that automatically make him gay? thats nonsense... there's all types of sexual identities in this world and one of those identities includes not having sex with ANYONE.



^^^ Then keep asking yourself. He's gay.

A 41 year old man who has NEVER been linked to a woman and has been linked to SEVERAL men but claims he is waiting for Halle Berry is not only gay, he sounds immature. "Just hasn't found the woman," lolll.

Audacity to Hope

That's a new twist to the "haven't found the right girl" argument. Except "the right girl" is a Hollywood star half a world away and with a man.


I don't want to be capricious and I believe that some people can be simply asexual.

I think that Colin sounds convinced that he just doesn't want to be with "any woman" at all.

That sounds like the sound decision of a grown man who is focused and has just opted to not express himself in any way that is sexual.

And then he said it...

"Halle Berry."

How many times has a gay man said "I'd turn straight for Janet or Mariah...or Halle Berry"?

I don't really care who this beautiful brother is sleeping with and I hope that he's happy and secure in his own skin.

But Halle Berry? Come on. Men (and women) of any and every color would sleep with Halle Berry. Women of the Klan would sleep with Halle Berry. Women who can't imagine being with a woman would consider it for Halle Berry.

"I'M NOT GAY." Okay, Colin.

"I don't particularly want to be with any woman. It's as simple as that.'" Okay, Colin.


If you are goingt to stand on the I DON'T WANT ANY WOMAN, then cool...be asexual...be uninterested in women...take it and all of the ignorant ridicule and rants that might come from people who don't understand that...but HALLE BERRY?!

We have got to rescue Halle Berry from the prison of EVERYBODY'S FALL GIRL. If you haven't seen a woman as pretty as Halle on the streets of LA, DC or NYC or ATL, London or Paris, then you just weren't looking. I work with sisters as beautiful as Halle Berry and admire them from afar as beautiful beings, but never as A WAY OUT.

Colin, if you are going to come out as asexual, then just be asexual. Don't put it on Halle to save you. She's already listed on a million gay myspace pages as some gay man's way out.

Andrew C

Gay, gay, gay, gay!!!!

cacy forgenie

the logic that every gay man who pretends to be straight wants halle berry is absurd... are any of you thinking before you write these comments? it doesn't seem like it. since when is halle berry a gay man's way out? please.. halle berry is not cute or remotely attractive to many people, gay and straight. and i'm including myself in the equation. i can walk down nostrand avenue in brooklyn and count the number of women more resplendent and beautiful than berry. and i've felt this way since the 90's when i became aware her. she's easy on the eyes if you like bad actresses with a poorly constructed lower body...more power to you.

what's happening here is clear, gay people want to claim this guy, just like black people want to claim whoever they think is black, i.e, tiger woods.

identity is not a consensus based phenomenon, its self subjective. if an individual tells you, this is who i am, what i think, how i behave, then we should accept that individual's declaration. to do otherwise would be fascist...
even if there was a remote chance this man a sexual experience with another man, does that automatically qualify him as gay? no, it does not. the formulae applies heterosexually as well.

personally, i could care less about the man's sexual identity, if he has any. what i am concerned about, however, is the fact that there's such a narrow-minded point of view in regards to sexual identity, especially famous people.

what kind of human being are you when you chose to let a sexual preference, (yes, for some people having sex with the same gender is a preference,) dictate your life?

yeah, Ralphie, I'll keep thinking about Donnie's question because I'd rather go through life as a realized black man instead of someone's mattress, punching bag or raging hard dick.

identity is not a consensus based phenomenon, its self subjective. if an individual tells you: this is who i am, what i think, how i behave, then we should accept that individual's declaration. to do otherwise would be fascist...

Derrick from  Philly

Oh, come on, cacy: The issue is men who don't date women and use the most outrageous reason why? They are attracted to some movie queen who is un-attainable & and un-approachable. It seems like a silly excuse for not dating women.

And looka' here: If you see many women on Norstrand Avenue who are just as beautiful as Halle Berry...well, only your new governor might agree with you.

Speakin' of Brooklyn: let Tiger Woods walk through Bensonhurst with some dark sun-glasses on. See what they consider his race to be.

Rod Mc

Cacy, please make your comments w/o the graphic references. Advertisers often read these comments, and, once one person starts using graphic language, others may as well. TIA.

cacy forgenie

hey, Derrick from Philly...

look, halle berry may be unattainable to a lot of people.. given her history with men, and the common circles, i.e, entertainment,the sprinter and berry move in, we do not know if she would be unattainable to him... i'm being stupid of course but i think you get the idea...

brooklyn women are beautiful, homey, watch your mouth..

you're actually winning my argument for me, mainly that consensus does not dictate identity. just cuz a group of people say one thing does not make it so... are black people in america and abroad monsters walking around menacing and infecting each other and others with hiv and robbing people? no... we are not... but... if i was a martian and i dropped in on north america i would be terrified of someone who looks dark... i would cringe at the approach of a black person, male or female..

i'm sure if tiger woods walk through bensonhurst with some shades on he would be mobbed... for his autograph...he's recognizable with and without shades...and guess what? there are blacks and latinos,of different hues, gay blacks and latinos, who live in bensonhurst, fyi... its not some exclusive white neighborhood with only white people... but what do you know? YOU LIVE IN PHILLY, nyc's booger.

Derrick from Philly

All right, cacy: I won't defend Philadelphia since you consider us a drop of hardened snot; but I will always defend Halle Berry.

Seriously, I believe the need to "claim" people as gay who say they not isn't as prevalent as it was 10 or 15 years ago. That's why we often approach these topics with humor. It is only when the "I'm not gay" public figure is notoriously anti-gay that we homos go on the warpath--trying to prove their hypocrisy. Mr Jackson can be as straight as he wants to be. Maybe when Halle gets tired of this man she's got now, she'll give a brotha' a chance...again.

As for Bensonhurst, you're right again. I think of Bensonhurst from 25 years ago. I forget just like everything else, New York City changes. But Tiger looks like a black man to me. I can't even see Thailand.

"...booger" humph! In North Philly we say "boogies" anyway.

cacy forgenie

sorry, ROD...

this is real interesting on so many levels, bad jokes aside... does privacy = closeted? does asexuality=closeted? bachelorhood=closeted? come on, men, its time to rethink things, things like what this discussion is distracting us from, really

the world isn't new, so i can understand, politicallynd pridely, the motivation of claiming either sexuality or race on an individual...

in terms of sexuality, all i'm saying is, we should take the man at his word for what or who he says he is or wishes to be. if you ask your mom who your pops is, do you doubt her? certain circumstances like montel or jerry springer aside, the answer is no because your mom is one of the auhorities who created you... just was jackson is the creator of however he responded to his sexuality question...


The fact is still he is not interested in men nor women, nor has ever spoke in terms of abstainance. It is fine to abstain, but again, that is not what he said. Some of you are fighting for his right to be asexual which would be fine also, but he took himself out of that arena when he spoke of Halle Berry. There is nothing wrong with asking the question of sexual identity. Be clear if a person is simply asking the question or claiming the individual, straights claim folks just like gays do so don't get it twisted and your high horse some of you guys, and Rod simply put the question with supporting materials forward. Then he said "Now have at it":-)with a wink and a nod. My point is that some of you aren't clear as to what you read and what you are fighting for or against.


Cacy got the wrong-- boro-- definitely Manhattan maybe Bronx
a Brooklyn waistline can't be found in Bergdorf's... Keep it over the B R I D G E

Andy Niable

Well, I guess there's one more hurdle... (oh I wont, it's just toooo easy)

Jack M.

Does his sexual preference really matter?

Taylor Siluwé

Cacy: LOL @ Philly being NYC's booger!

But then I think about it -- I'm from Jersey City. Hmmm ....

Everything else you said is crap. Bill got it right, this site just put forward the facts and we, 'cause we love it, have at it.

The issue of being out is so much deeper than individual privacy. In a perfect world it would be of no consequence. But it this world, where every day a new gay bashing or murder is talked about for a hot minute and then fades into history -- yes, sexuality matters. You think it doesn't? Try accusing some hyper-maculine straight guy of being gay in front of his boys. So if he thinks its no biggie.

Yeah. That's why we talk about it. And until that straight guy can laugh it off and keep it moving, we'll continue to talk about it.

And for the record: IMHO, Colin Jackson is SO gay.

Taylor Siluwé

LOL... oh yeah,

I went to YouTube to see if I could find this Dance clip. LOL! Sorry Colin ... the 'cat' is outta the bag. LOL!!!!

Colin YouTube Clip

Honti Sonud

I find it so curious that gays are quick to claim the "beautiful ones" who simply do not flaunt their preference and just go about their business. If the man doesn't want a woman, the man does not want a woman. Even Jesus would have a hard time today with the speculation.

Honti Sonud

I find it so curious that gays are quick to claim the "beautiful ones" who simply do not flaunt their preference and just go about their business. If the man doesn't want a woman, the man does not want a woman. Even Jesus would have a hard time today with the speculation.


Honti, your right about that Jesus comment. That hair, that frock. Those sandals? That swimmers body just screams gym rat!

Derrick from Philly

Thanks, Taylor.

Lord. I wrote something bitchy but I don't feel like being a gay stereotype today.

The man has a gorgeous body though.


Colin is not gay ... he's just homosexual!
(and at a minimum, homosocial)

There is a difference, you know? ... (*wink*)


Well, upon closer inspection ... Colin mignt not be gay, but this photo proves he's at least homosocial:


... and rather comfortable around gay men; you see that 3-point stance?

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