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27 March 2008


Derrick from Philly

"22" will be the Powerball number on Saturday...'course some of y'all play the MegaBucks. Good Luck, Hooomies(as Cacy from Brooklyn would say).


I think the polls from Rasmussen are interesting. To me it points out that the "news" media are dictating what they WANT Americans to think as opposed to what Americans ARE thinking. I do not think that Clinton should drop out of this race. Neither of the Democratic candidates will have the number of delegates needed to win the nomination. What I would like to ask Obama supporters is this: Do you all feel that McCain will "just drop out" in the general election? If Obama cannot handle Clinton as an opponent, and is not willing or able to win the nomination on his own merit, he wont stand a chance in the general. Clinton should not drop out of the race just because Obama is a media darling. I would still like to hear what Obama plans to do for the country.

Richard S.

Rod, your numbers don't add up to 100 percent.

62=Both should stay in.
22=Clinton should drop out.
22=Obama should drop out.
6=Both should drop out.

62+22+22+6= 112 percent.
What gives?

Derrick from Philly

"62+22+22+6+112 percent What gives?"

Sneaky damn Republicans meddlin' & messin' in Democrats' business. Stay out of our polls.

Rod Mc

Richard, "what gives" is you're reading the poll wrong.

First, go to the link. These were not "my" numbers, that was a direct quote from Rasmussen. Second, only the topline questions will add up to 100%, vis a vis "Should Hillary Clinton drop out of the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination" or "Should Barack Obama drop out of the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination." Republicans and Independents were also asked those questions, and that grand total will reflect 100%. The Democratic sample is only a subset of the each topline question.

The links, the survey questions and methodology are always provided. This survey was widely reported last night on the networks. Didn't hear anyone question the data at CNN or MSNBC.

Rod Mc

LOL, Derrick the Republicans were also asked the same question and they have a VERY different opinion on who should drop out and who would be the more difficult opponent. It echoes what I've been saying all along, but, most bloggers and pundits disagree.

Taylor Siluwe

This is very 'telling'. Just as Hillary was audacious enough to suggest Obama be her veep, this poll suggests a similar slap in the face. It's the media, not the people.

Why should Obama drop out, when:

B) Everyone knows Hillary can not overtake his lead, unless she gets proof that Obama's a pedophile.

It makes me wonder exactly who are they are polling? No one's ever asked me a damn thing. But I do know this, if the Clintons pull a fast one and cheats Obama out of the nomination, I'll campain hard for McBush.

It will be hell for the country, but I couldn't stomach another President who didn't deserve to be there.

Hillary should do like she LIED about doing in Bosnia, duck and run outta the race before the snippers take out both democrats. She's losing, which is something her head still can't believe.


I'm surprised even 22 percent want Obama to drop out. It's hard to get a real handle on what the hell folks are thinking this time around. I am not surprised by folks saying that about HIlls, but Obama? Very interesting.

Taylor Siluwe

That poll is bull. Only a republican would want Obama to drop out.

And Blah: Obama is not a media darling, he's just winning. Funny, if Hillary was winning you wouldn't call her a media darling.

Chris Matthews said it best, if Obama had lied about running through sniper fire, the Clintons and the media would clobber him with and never let up.

Who's the darling again?

And you wanna know what Hillary will do for our country? First, her and Bill will walk into the White House and do their 'happy dance'. Second, Bill will wander off to check out the new crop of interns while Hillary begins to settle all her old scores like any good woman scorned.

We, Americans, will be last on her to-do list.


Taylor, Clinton is not "losing." She's behind, and very likely may not win, but Obama hasn't "won" either. Clinton did have more of the popular vote, but, of course, Obama and his DNC friends killed a revote in MI and FL, because they knew he couldn't win. Obama probably will "win" because he'll get his share of delegates, but at the end of this Clinton will probably have more votes.

It's hilarious when you and Obama supporters who equate Hillary to Bush. Obama has borrowed plenty from Bush and Rove, and hoping to run a BUSH 2000 Florida style election, with one candidate having more popular votes and another has more delegates. And, Obama also took lessons from the BUSH 2004 Ohio election, where thousands of black voters were disenfranchised.

It's absolutely pathetic how the Obama campaign and its cheerleaders try to rationalize disenfranchising two of our largest states and counting delegates from "cacuses" that only attracted a few thousand voters. Obama may become the nominee, but he'll have an asterisk next to record as the first Democratic nominee since 1952(?) to win with 48 states.

Taylor Siluwe


What are you blind! I'm so tired of this FL and MI situation. They broke the rules and knew their delegates wouldn't be seated. Now they wanna change the rules? If Hillary didn't think she'd carry those states she wouldn't be complaining either.

I just don't understand you Clinton supporters ... especially the black ones -- when it's clear to everyone that the Clintons have tried to use the race thing to alienate Obama.


Taylor, MSNBC is Obama's own network. Its a nonstop lovefest. You can't possibly cite MSNBC after Rod has demonstrated for months how hostile it was to Clinton and Obama? Now, MSNBC, Olbermann and Matthews are obviously in the tank for Obama.

Sure, Hillary exaggerated about Bosnia, people always pad their resumes, especially politicians. It was wrong, but that probably won't sway people who are undecided. Did you care when Obama was saying he was a "law professor" but merely a lecturer? Or when he claimed he could speak Indonesian but that was later disproven?

Now, what will be a problem for Democrats in the fall will be Rev. Wright's greatest hits. Obama and his campaign knew about that for years and chose never to get in front of it. As Rod says, that will be a "gift" to the Republicans. The entire blogsophere is too politically correct, that is at least one reason I like this blog.


It's relatively simple to me: whoever has the least amount of delegates should drop out.


>>>I'm so tired of this FL and MI situation. They broke the rules and knew their delegates wouldn't be seated.

That's quite arrogant to write off millions of voters. It's not about "Clinton" or "Obama." It's about "democracy." "Democrats" have always fought for voters rights, like 2000 and 2004. The RNC only took half the Republican delegates, the DNC could have done something similar. Clinton still would probably be behind, but Obama would look more like he is trying to "unify." But it really is the height of arrogance to say screw the voters, which, in effect, is the same thing with the calls for Clinton to drop out.

I never brought up race, btw, but I do think its very "telling" that that apparently Rod does not share that belief.

Rod Mc

Taylor, two things. One, I wouldn't use the "rules are rules argument" in this nomination, because there are many things going on both sides.

Also, did you reed the poll? "Republicans are more eager to see Clinton drop out rather than Obama. Forty-one percent (41%) of GOP voters say the former First Lady should withdraw while just 24% say the same about the Senator from Illinois."

As an Obama supporter, you probably don't want to start dismissing polls, because you're going to need them later to argue Obama's electability. If you dismiss a poll today, you can't cite one tomorrow or next week. This one simply shows Democrats still like both candidates. Nothing more, nothing less.

Tony R

""22" will be the Powerball number on Saturday..." Derrick, I always love your comments, you are a riot. I can imagine you at work, cutrting up and having fun. What time are cocktails?

Derrick from Philly


I'm just at the point where I cannot take any of this primary campaign news seriously. I am emotionally exhausted. When I'm talking to rabid Hillary supporters, I have to defend Barack (or Reverend Wright); then when I'm talking to rabid Barack supporters, I have to defend Hillary (but not her big-mouth husband anymore). I can only make jokes about the campaign situation now. The primary is coming up and I'm going to vote for Barack, but I feel like I want to say, "let's get this thing over with!" Someone last week said here on Rod's that a good primary fight is what democracy is all about. Yeah, if there's a real ideological difference between the candidates! On the issues, the only thing that separates Barack and Hillary is skin color and a couchee...or a dingdong (sorry, the "queen" in me dominates).

But I've learned to love me some Barack now--finally. I bet he's built something like that boy at the top of this afternoon's main page here on Rod's. Oh, what am I saying, I like beef--Omarion beef!

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