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21 March 2008



This is a very good endorsement.

Andy Niable

You can ask Kerry, Kennedy, and Patrick, and I'll ask my two Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, Clinton superdelegates from Washington State--a state that went for Obama by nearly 70%.

So if Primary Season ends with Obama with more pledged delegates and popular votes and contests won, but as you believe the supers vote according to their constituencies--and that gives Clinton the nomination--would you like to describe what will happen to the Democratic Party?

(This isn't the Kool-Aid talking, as I'd be concerned for the party if the situation were reversed and Obama was trailing and could only get the nomination via the Supers. I'd be concerned for the Party, deeply concerned.)

Rod Mc

Andy, please do not distort my positions. I have never said superdelegates should vote "according to the constituencies." That was clearly a quote from Richardson appearing on CNN, as linked above.

I've never taken a public position on superdelegates because there are no "rules", they can support whomever they want, just like Murray and Cantwell went with Clinton, or, Napolitano and Richardson went with Obama.

Finally, Obama and Clinton will both need superdelegates to get the nomination. Neither can get the magic number on their own, especially since the "party" and one campaign effectively disenfranchised voters in two of the largest states.


Here we go again.

Rod, darling, baby, umnm, you call yourself a media hotshot and every day I have to come here and school you on the "rules" of blogging. People don't want consistency, they want to be told that Obama is pure and decent and Clinton "will do anything to win." They defintely do not want to see anything that suggests Obama and his supporters are (gasp) politicians! ;)

And it doesn't matter what Richardson said on CNN. This is a "once in a lifetime" opportunity!

Andy Niable

Quite right, Rod.

And, ATL Kid, I don't want to be told anything but what a person believe, regardless of whom they support.

Yes, Obama is a politician. Are there any other kinds of people currently in elective office?

greg g

Rod, you don't talk too much about superdelegates, which is very surprising. Your opinion? What do you they shuld do?

Rod Mc

Eh, no strong feelings either way. The superdelegates can and should do what they want. Richardson is free to endorse whoever he wants, regardless of what he said on CNN. Maybe they were "just words" ...

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