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29 April 2008


rene bowser

The North Carolina governor also stated that Hillary is not a "pansy." Funny you failed to mention that.

Franklyn Smith

Luther, speaking as someone whoi likes both candidates but supports Hillary, that statement illustrates the one-sided dialogue and double standards that are seen as perfectly acceptable.

Its pure Clinton Derangement Syndrome, aka whatever Clinton says or does is wrong. If she says nothing on Wright, its a problem. When she finally said something--"If I heard those sermons, I would leave and not stay for 20 years"--then she was roundly attacked. Now, OBAMA AND EVERYONE SAYS "if I heard that talk I would have left long ago." Of course, this is after the Obama crowd and pundits have defended Wright for weeks and all over this disatrous weekend. Now, Democrats across the country are being linked to Wright and all black folks are looking bad.

Meanwhile, Obama offers several conflicting stories on Wright (on many things) and everyone gives him the benefit of the doubt.

Clinton said the right thing. The commercials should not air and Mccain can stop them. I find it ridiculous that some of us attack CLINTON for saying this and NOT MCCAIN for his refusal to get the commercials of the air.


Oh wow. KB found another typo. LOL

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