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22 April 2008



here are a few things I do regardless if it's Earth Day or not:

Recycle: I make it a habit to recycle all newspapers, metal cans and plastic bottles after I use them. A recycle truck comes out every other week to pick them up.

I use my own mug when at work instead of the styrofoam cups when drinking coffee or tea every day

Water: I tend to use recycled bottles for my daily water usage or I buy a biodegradable water jug and drink water that way.

Turning off the tv and computers over night, etc. are also things I do to keep my space as green as possible...

Timothy K

Ryan, I'm not very good at recycling and need to be better. But I do recycle water bottles and turn off computers. I'm getting better.


Oh yeah...

I tend to buy organically/pesticide free food also...its hard to do b/c it's expensive but buying food that has not been treated by pesticides or buying meat that hasn't been genetically modified is also a way to go green...


Not too long ago when I was working late the cleaning people told me that all of the separation of paper and bottles from garbage was all for nothin. . . it was all going into on big trash bin.

I have since started a committee at my job and we are contacting the building to get them to obey the law here in NYC and recycle.

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