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21 April 2008



I still have problems understanding how Pugsley Addams aka Tim Russert got his own show.


Rod.. He was telling the truth- that is most likely what will happen. Russert et al are not the ones to worry about.. the ones to worry about are the Clintons when they get backed into a corner.. and that's about to happen.


Bill, of course he was telling the truth, but it is not appropriate for journalists to suggest right wing attack ads.

And sorry, Clinton is a tough competitor but she is a Democrat and hardly doing all these vague, evil things people say. Unless you have a link or some specific proof ...


ATL Kid, during the last debate Hillary said that Obama would have a hard time being elected because of his relationship with Farrakhan, and because Farrakhan endorsed him. The truth is, we don't know if Obama and Farrakhan have a relationship, and Farrakhan never endorsed Obama, and Hillary knows that. She also mentioned most of the things that Russert said as reasons why some people would have a hard time voting for Obama. So, yes she's a democrat, but she's not above using these tactics.

Russert's talking points weren't researched, and are a copy of what the Republican's will do, but as the panel on "This Week" said yesterday, these are topics that resonate with voters, more so than real issues, and it will be up to Obama to come up with good responses to these attacks. He needs to dictate the how people view these subjects.


Cadence and Bill, this is nothing about Hillary Clinton. Rod posted this about TIM RUSSERT and Meet the Press falsely suggesting BARACK OBAMA does not put his hand over his heart during the pledge. It is a smear. Russsert should NOT push it. Call or email NBC, if you watch the video at Media Matters, there are links to contact NBC. I'm assuming that's why Rod posts these, although no one cared all these months, or years, when he was showing how the Repubs and media were starting these smears, and, now are freaking out because its being openly debated. So yes, you're right Cadence, Obama does have to "brand" himself and set the agenda. That's also been suggested (and ignored) many times here.

One more thing: The debate questions were NOT chosen by Clinton or Obama. They asked, Obama responded, she responded, thats what you do in debates. There is this ridiculous notion that Obama has to be sheltered from any criticism and anytime someone does (Clinton, whoever), they are accused of "helping the Republicans." No, no, no. Notice you never hear that when "Democrats" attack Clinton on petty issues. Obama has to be able to fight the right wing attack machine.

If Obama will be our nominee, I want him to WIN. Sheltering him and encouraging fandom in the press will not help him win in November.

Tyler G

Wasn't Russert implicated or testified in the Scooter Libby case?


Stop with the Hillary links...

unless you have concrete proof she is so capable of adding to obama's campaign currently imploding...

seriously, she is a democrat and she isn't above doing things like this..but HELLO..that's why its called POLITICS!

She's not above it, Obama DAMN sure isn't above it (clearly, yall obama-stepford children were recharging your batteries when he was putting out the ads attacking her clear missteps on bosnia, and im sur eyou haven't seen his latest tv ads attacking her...), and McCain isn't above it either.

The goal is to win the presidency...anyway you can. They are ALL doing it.

I think people should look at Obama as much as Clinton because both are doing it...

Or, is it possible that many of the obama supporters here want to take a moral high ground that's long since been too high for them to step on knowing Obama is just as vague, evil, and dirty as Hillary is in the pot shots?

Just asking....

Rod Mc

Sorry folks, this has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, please stay on topic. This segment of MTP was just the usual hit job by Tim Russert. It demonstrates again how the MSM helps do the work for the right wing attack machine.

Watch the video or read the transcript. If you still insisting upon blaming someone else besides the same "journalist" who helped Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby smear Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame--which was proven in at the Libby trial--sounds like a hopeless case of Clinton Derangement Syndrome.


Ooh Rod: Clinton Derangement Syndrome?

LOVE THAT! I'm so using that from here on out.

And Russert has always been a hack who specialized in smear jobs.

as for the reporter everyone keeps referencing: if you're using that name to justify your clinton criticism--Cadence--I'd suggest finding another route.

I don't know about you, but I dont think I'd want to reference ANYONE involved in the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame and her husband. That's one smear job that will be yet another blight on the American political landscape for years to come that will never be cleaned off...

Rod Mc

KB: Excellent point. Axelrod didn't push back on that one, as you said, he and Garin were trying to score their own points. This is something Obama surrogates have to push back on when they hear it and the more its perpetuated, the more valididty it gives the smear..

Ryan: Calling Russert a "hack" is an understatement, lol. This is the same guy who helped Novak and Cheney smear Wilson and Plame.

Obama supporters, or any Democrat, might want to contact NBC to complain about Russert. That's how you fight these things.

Derrick from Philly

Republicans labeling Black Americans as unpatriotic is to be expected. If you don't kiss their flat white male supremecist asses like the last two Secretaries of State, they will acuse you of being un-American. Democrats are going to have to come up with strategies to deal with that typical Joe McCarthy (and in this case, Ku Klux Klan) era crap.

Of course, not all white men have flat asses. Brad Pitt has a beautiful ass, and it's Democratic, as far as I know.


This is amazing. Obama's chief strategist sits right there and says nothing. People reading this are trying to blame "the Clintons" for the Obama campaign's reluctance to stop a smear? LOL

Sheesh. At this point, if the Republicans are going to smear Obama and he won't fight back, his campaign won't fight back, and, his supporters won't fight back, he DESERVES it.

Clinton Derangement Syndrome indeed. Someone said in another thread that many Obama partisans are more interested in trying to destroy the Clinton legacy than win a nomination, "unite" the party, and, win in November.


Rod: I was being sarcastic...I'm well aware of his MAJOR role in smearing Plame and Wilson...

I'm surprised no one has made the connection that he's probably going to be the Republicans go to media man and will be attacking Obama from here on out if he's the nominee...

too bad the obama-stepford chillrens aren't seeing this...YET.

Marcus: I think you're right. People are more interested in going after Hillary and Bill than becoming a cohesive unit and taking BACK The White House. I think my dad is right: Two-Faced Democrats are more dangerous than Idiotic republicans. At least you KNOW what the intentions of a Republican are and HOW they will respond...

The Democrats: the amount of attacks they lodge upon Hillary and oh so clear sacrificial lamb status they are giving Obama (all of these primaries and they haven't ended them? If Barack is the chosen one, why is he STILL contesting primaries? Its like the Dems are setting him UP to fail and be the fall guy for the imploding of the party...AGAIN. Kerry was the fall guy in 2004; Gore barely escaped it in 2000...history is SERIOUSLY repeating itself again, no?

Rod Mc

Ryan, I was agreeing with you. :0

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