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30 May 2008


Todd R

Umm, Marcos, I think Rod's ongoing "50 Cent is gay" meme is just snark. But bless your heart for believing any man who impregnates a woman cannot be gay.


Marcos, lol, I always love it how you try to fact check this blog. This was sarcasm, sweetie, but do you have proof 50 Cent "has had numerous sexual encounters with women"? Please provide a link. Thanks in advance!

Rob A

My impression was that 50 Cent has NOT been linked to many women. Until very recently. Didn't he say that he didn't have a girlfriend because most women just wanted his money? Yes, very straight indeed!

Trey C

50 Cent is actually very gay friendly. The details will soon be "coming out."

Franklyn Smith

"It would be a stretch to assert Curtis Jackson is gay...""

You're right. On "the down low" would have been more appropriate. Oh, and I'm in the music industry (MTV) and have never anything about 50 Cent and "numerous sexual encounters with women." That sounds like spin from a record industry publicist. Or one of 50 Cent's all-male entourage.



Oh my...50 is tres' ghey in that video..really, he is...

and he has his best "bottom heavy" girl, Lloyd Banks with him too...



50 Cent is quite dashing in his Marine dress blues and Cap'n and Tenille hat. He is very fashionable.


Ryan, you know this is true. 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks are lovers. Everyone knows this and even Mya said this in Vibe.

Derrick from Philly

The "down low" guys have ruin't the TRADE. Now everybody wants to "bottom"! Dammit! To hell with .50 Worth of Sense...his booty probably has been more active than mine...the last 3 years, anyway.

Got the money, though...he can have all the TRADE he wants...damn "dl" nigg...mens.


50 Cent is very gayish acting and manifests all the indicators of latent homosexuality. He is hyper masculine, misogynistic, obsessively homophobic, narcissistic, muscle obsessed, abandons his childre, and, is rarely seen in the company of women. Oh, and his nickname in prison was "the slut." This does not sound like a heterosexual man.

50 Cent is probably a butch bottom who prefers "trade" and "thugs." There is no "credible" evidence he has "apparently has had numerous sexual encounters with women." Who has said this and how can it be proven? I have never heard of 50 linked with women, besides professional studio beards such as Ciara and Vivica Fox. The former was also "dating" Bow Wow and Omarion and the latter was "dating" Henry Simmons. 'Nuff said.


LOL @ Derrick. You know Fiddy is having all the trade he wants. I'm jealous!

A. Ronald

Hey Rod, I discovered your blog through Radar magazine and LOGO. I'm glad I did and was happy to see the mainstream media recognizing black bloggers and giving you some shine. Keep up the great work, papi!


(1) Rather than Village People, my first impression was that he was channeling Marlene Dietrich, strutting around a bunch of soldiers who desire him.
(2) The song & video was only @ 3 minutes long, but it seemed like 10 minutes - I thought it would never end.

Taylor Siluwe

I didn't want to, but I actually like the song. The video itself is pretty wack though.

I try my best not to give 50 a thought. Oh, his house burned down today. Disgruntled lover? Hmmm....


tee hee at the toni tennille reference

Rod Mc

SEAHAWK: You're absolutely right. How could any self-respecting gay man miss the Dietrich connection? I moved your comment up to the post, thanks!

DERRICK: You're such a bad boy, lol.

XAVIER: Very good pop psychoanalysis.

TAYLOR: Thanks for the update, I added you to hat-tip line.

MARCOS: Sigh. No one "asserted" 50 Cent was gay. This isn't a news or political post, just simple gay blog snark, but, bless your heart.

I've never heard about 50 Cent's "numerous sexual encounters with women." Fiddy doesn't seem to have much luck with the few he has been publicly linked to.

Lang B.

That was a waste of 3 minutes. I agree with Seahawk. There was absolutely nothing appealing about that video or song.

Hip Hop videos are laborious to watch. I bet 50 styled and dressed all the guys in that video personally- 50 Gents is probobly the number of dudes his laid with. I also think that fair skinned lady dancer in the video is Lloyd Banks in drag- we never get to really see the dancer up close. ;)

50 Yawns- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Honut Sinti

The music is pumping on that video. The bass line works!

Now, 50 cent is just exploring his options. Gay, straight, baptist, martian, green, purple. Who cares?


get at me


get at me

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