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27 May 2008



i'm not mad at maven..Home Shopping Network..surprising new gig=Maven is diversifying...

the more "surprising" and unexpected gigs he gets, the more marketable he is for entertainment heads when they're casting for shows, freelance gigs, etc.

maven is doing the right thing....

but maven is still and always will be: HOW YOU DOIN? for me! lol!

but he's hot and i wouldn't kick his ass out of bed!

Alan T

Umm, yes, Maven is very "how you doing", lol. I think that is one of the reasons Rod likes him so much but ha snever admitted it!


I think Maven is lovely. I cannot wait to watch him on HSN. His country grammar, southern accent is soooo sexy.


Oh, and thanks Ryan! I definitely get that "How you doing" vibe. But that's why I looove him!

Todd R

I love that description of Maven's voice. Maven sounds soooo sexy, I love him. Cannot wait to see him on HSN.

Derrick from Philly

Is he from down south? No, wonder he has such a strong, powerful butt. All my southern cousins had powerful buns...the ones in Ohio too (I wonder why?)

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