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19 May 2008


Ryan Canty

hey you!

hope you are feeling better!

I completely forgot to tell you about marcus' interview with B. Scott

it was very good, and Marcus is quite intelligent and a very good interview.

And, the strip tease was hot..he's quite the talented dancer...there are plenty of youtube videos of him stripping at clubs in LA....

Derrick from Philly

I drooled over my keyboard. Who is that lucky-ass queen, B. Scott. Lucky so'n'so. I'm livid!

Is it fair to have a beautiful face and body, and then a fairly large dingdong too. Some guys only have one or two of those attributes. Marcus has all three
! Is that f....kin' fair?

Derrick from Philly

I don't want to be a nuisance--you know, hogging up this thread--BUT Marcus Patrick is absolutely wonderful. He is so comfortable with himself as a man that he can kiss a transgendered gay person goodbye (on both cheeks...FACIAL cheeks, chile). Oh, he is beautiful, so is that lucky-ass "queen" with all "her" gorgeous hair. How the hell did "she" get him in her home? Lucky-ass....


The best part for me is that he doesn't seem too vain. He knows he's hot, but seems in the right spirit of it all.


Ummm B Scott isn't trans Derrick just very fem. I don't think B.Scott has ever announced that he was transitioning to be a woman, he just embraces his androgyny.


DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!! Thanks Rod!!


B. Scott is my favorite LIVE ACTION GAY (Rod, you are my favorite Gay Scribe!).

Marcus is so adorably sexy, but that link to the Steph Jones interview has opened the real door. STEPH IS JUST SO STUNNING IN PERSON AND IS THE BEST PERSON! I got to pair him and Vaughn Lowery (the JOE BOXER model, now actor) together for an episode of PARALLEL PATHS on BETJ. They were both really sweet guys and STEPH IS SO INSANELY TALENTED and just a perfect physical specimen of a man!!!!

MARCUS PATRICK is a doll and I loved that he was so insightful on so many topics!

THANKS FOR THE LINKS TO BOTH GUYS, ROD! Really hope that you feel better!

Much love,


I loved the little strip tease he did,it wuz and still hot



It appears to me that Marcus Patrick has done this before.

But basically, I don't find it sexy. Just kind of embarrassing.

B. Scott, on the other hand, is just too funny. I'd be surprised, though, if he ever made it onto TV. Someone that subtle and intelligent would make Leno and Letterman look like the potatoes they are.


OMG! It has to be illegal to be that gorgeous!!! The lucky person that sleeps with that bod must be in heaven....

Derrick from Philly


I believe there are various definitions of "transgendered". The one I adhere to is that transgender covers all folks who don't obey gender role norms to the point of being very noticeable. This definition would include gay transvestite folks who have no intention of ever having sex reassignment therapy or surgery.

I'm not challenging you, I'm just explaining why my definition of transgender may be broader than yours. I have had trannsexual folks disagree with me, but their view may be no more valid than mine. I and others believe that you don't have to be transsexual to fall under the umbrella of "transgendered". To me, androgyny falls under transgender. OF COURSE, if Love B's definition is the same as yours, then I will defer to y'all: I never try to tell other gay folks what they are...not to their faces.

Anyway, Love B. Scott is very beautiful and brave...and lucky to have that gorgeous Marcus in "her" home...damn.

For your Marcus Patrick fix


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