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23 May 2008



McCain did "reject" the aforementioned reverends but said that he is not, and never was, a member of either of their churches. McCain rather pointedly said that his "ties" to these ministers was nothing at all like Obama's 20 year relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Rod Mc

ELG: You're absolutely right. McCain did mention the "20 year relationship."

Many of the blogs are trying to link McCain with Hagee or Parsley vis a vis Wright but the linkage won't get much traction. Parsley and Hagee are influential evangelicals and well known bigots. Their "endorsements" were problems for McCain, but they didn't have 20 year personal and family relationships.

Taylor Siluwe

McCain knew who these people were. He called Parsley his "moral compass". That's a pretty heavy statement. I don't think I've EVER called anyone my moral compass.

His situation is 10X worse than Obama's. Rev. Wright made that infamous "god damn America" speech in 2001. Not only did he speak 'mostly' the truth, but it was only a few years ago -- in contrast to the 20 year thing that McCain/Clinton like to keep pounding home.

McCain is only distancing himself from Parsley and his distain for Islam because the the media is now demanding it.

The old gas bag is doing whatever he can to get in the White House before he croaks.

J Matt

I'm proud of McCain. He's looking more and more like a president now. He doesn't fit the conventional Republican stereotype. And to denounce Parsley's endorsement is mind-blowing. I never thought that day would come...lol.

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