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09 May 2008


Taylor Siluwe

Thats gonna change. McCain is only being given a pass because Hillary is too busy embarassing herself.

Once she finally sits down and stops playing the race card, the gender card, and even the 'mother' card, the country will hear about McCain's scary zealots hanging out in his closet.

Mark my words.

malik m.l. williams

I would speculate that the major part of the reason McCain is getting a pass is because the majority of people in the media (and probably in America) don't see anything particularly offensive about the things Hagee says. Oh, they might not choose to listen to him every Sunday, but he's probably not spouted off anything that's too far right of what they believe. People in the media are human too, which means they are biased, blind, ego-centric, and self-serving. Like the rest of us. That anyone ever believed differently is the real wonder.

Don't expect things to change on the mainstream media front until those who call themselves "watchdogs" stop worrying about their own biases, blindness and ego-centric need to be right about who's the better Democratic candidate, and start asking whoever the final two are about their politics and plans...

Taylor Siluwe

Hagee's views (the Catholic church is the Great Whore) has to offend every American who won't let you sit on that pillow with the Pope on it.

And Parsley, who beliefs this country was FOUNDED to destroy Islam, has be a whole lot left of center for an average 'thinking' American.

But maybe I'm wrong.


Fox does it again! See and hear for yourself at: http://sojournersplace.blogspot.com/2008/05/they-just-keep-pulling-me-back-in.html

Much Obliged, SjP

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