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29 May 2008


Lang B.

Not suprising.

Like I said on the previous post of SJ or whatever his name is this hour, I do not find him sincere at all. That all "black" model show was a gimmick just like the owner to bring hype to himself. This is always the problem with some of us black folks, we are always including everyone else except our own just for a dollar. Very frustrating.

Black does not equate hip hop. I feel a mixed race model would have been much more appropriate. Forget demographics, what about integrity and using your power to promote your own people? I see nothing wrong with that. It is ironic and self hating. Most black people do not need to see their representation to buy clothes of white labels yet a Black "designer" has to make white folks comfortable in order to be accepted.



Luther, that is a very good analysis. Brazil pretends to be color blind but they are actually color struck and obsessed with white skin.


I was a Portuguese minor in college, and the the pleasure of reading several Brazilian authors and works about Brazil. One of the most interesting reads was a comparison between the U.S. and Brazil when it came to miscegenation.

In the U.S., you were/are looked down upon if you are white and have a drop of black blood.

In Brazil, the ideology was to whiten your family. You were praised for marrying somebody lighter or of mixed blood to whiten or lighten your family. It was the reverse one-drop rule.

And let's be honest, 45% mixed and black? Seriously, who are they trying to fool? Do some research into the white population and you will find more black than white.

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