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16 June 2008


Robert P

"Another week, another ringing endorsement of heterosexuality from campy rap superstar 50 Cent." I LOVE IT.


Am I reading this correctly because 50 Cents will not sleep with a woman he is leaning more to being "gay". This the very thinking that has eroded the black family over the last 30 years. If you treat a woman with some respect you are "gay"; treat her like a dog, hump on her and get what you want...you da man!

If he ain't pushing up on you man or woman there is nothing really to talk about. More mindless dribble that is truly rude and inspires nothing.


Umm, Charles, sweetie, I think the 50 Cent is gay is an ongoing joke at this site. And I wouldn't be too careful to use 'black family' and '50 Cent' in the same sentence, seeing that the mother of his child has accused him of burning down their house, and, not calling once to check on the child since the fire.

But thanks for your thoughts, bless your heart.

Roberto Oliver

Charles, no one ever said Fiddy was gay. Rod simply reports all of 50's excuses for not having a girlfriend. I'm not sure what that has to do with the black family, 50 Cent is hardly a candidate for Father of the Year. I think it's very interesting that he is homophobic and never publicly linked to a woman. I guess that is the price of fame, lol.


I've felt he was suspect which I think it is great cause it proves that gays come in many different forms.


Isn't 50 Cent sorta...over?


Given the sexism rampant in his lyrics, I find it ironic that he would compare these woman to prostitutes. Sounds like they are just following his instructions.

Derrick from Philly

Well, of course he didn't do anything. Put some naked men in his closet and see what happens.


The fact that 50 has said some not so nice things about gays, I say he's fair game. And if he is not gay and does not have sex with men makes it all the more funnier because he's doing certain things that (that video, his attitude towards women, showing his body constantly, even his fashions) makes gays take notice of him and he's too stupid to realize that!

Honut Sinti

That Fiddy Rascal. He knows exactly what he is doing and he doing it cause buzz. By the way, did you hear the recorded call between him and some rapper that was dropped from his label. The poor child was crying to Fiddy stating that he did not mean to "dis" him. Now the crying rapper was a totally different image from his stage persona. And, Fiddy tried to soothe the youngun, saying something to the effect "...that's OK, I know you did'nt mean it...". Ummm. Interesting

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