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26 June 2008


Mel Smith

This is good news to learn about. Rod, thanks again.


This is good news, I am glad to see Blackvoices growing up.


I so did not know Barbara Jordan was gay. That's interesting. I love to see stuff like this. It's a pretty fresh list for the most part, and that's probably why Keith and Jasmyne are not on it. They are cool, but we have seen enough of them.


They also omitted James Earl Hardy (B-Boy Blues series) and Patrik Ian-Polk (Noah's Arc; Punks).

Any others?

Derrick from Philly

Well, of course, they couldn't include everybody, but there are some notable names in my book:
Tony Jackson (early pioneer of rag-tme and jazz piano--idolized by Jelly Roll Morton)
Ethel Waters (the greatest show business talent of all time)
Alberta Hunter (more pure Lesbian than either Bessie or Billie)
Gladys Bentley (openly gay until she got old)
Richard Bruce Nugent (of course)
Billy Strayhorn (greatness & genius!)
Little Richard (not always sane about his sexuality, but "gay" whether he likes it or not).
Emile Griffith & Glenn Burke (openly gay athletes who suffered for it)
Paul Winfield (everyone in show business knew, but we didn't)
The beautiful actor who played the 2nd Lionel on "The Jeffersons".
Reverend James Cleveland (a genius)

and then some speculation on:

Max Robinson (black network news anchor)
Franklin Seals (that wonderful actor from the 1980s ...rememeber "The Onion Field"
The guy that started the Dance Theater of Harlem (oh, Lord, I can't remember his name)
Miles Davis (maybe just gossip)
Reverend Alex Bradford (another genius)
Sherman Hemsley (ooops, nevermind, he's still alive)

Derrick from Philly

"Franklyn Seales" is the correct spelling of that handsome actor's name...I believe he was in the TV show "Amen" also.

Pepper Labeija & Dorian Corey, darlins'

And if Arthur Mitchell aint gay, then I'm in trouble, honey.


Wasn't Franlin Seales on Silver Spoons too? I think I actually remember when he passed away. How sad.


TE, everyone can't be included on the list. It's a simple photo gallery, not a hall of fame. FWIW, James Earl Hardly has written several books on homothugs, not sure does that warrant his inclusion as a trailblazer.

Derrick, your list is soooo much better. Black folks will forever be in the closet about Max Robinson, James Cleveland and Paul Winfield.

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