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05 June 2008



My question to you is - will you support Obama? I'm really not liking what I see in terms of HRC supporters who are going to turn their back on Obama now. How can anyone who supported Clinton, instead support McCain - or instead, stay home?


That comment is pathetic. Did Rod ever say that? NO. Stop generalizing and stereotyping what 'HRC supporters' will do. He has always said he liked both candidates and preferred Clinton. McCain, Bush and Republicans are slammed on here every day and much more so than on any black or black gay blog.

atl kid

Oh, a concern troll, how touching. Are you one of the 400 bloggers paid by the Obama campaign? After saying for months that black people and young voters would not support Clinton if she became the nominee, and promising to support McCain, now the blogs and ObamaNation are concerned about 'Clinton supporters' voting for McCain. Cry me a river.

I have never read anything but scorn and contempt from Rod on the McCain and the Republicans. You don't have to worry about Rod's vote because he has always said he will support the Democratic nominee. But you lost my vote many months ago. I'll vote for Obama when he personally tells his church, his supporters, his bloggers and his surrogates to stop lying and attacking Hillary and apologize the race baiting.


Rod, thanks for the good thoughts. I love Clinton's fighting spirit and thought she waged a tough battle. She was fierce at the end and could have kicked MCcain's butt from California to Maine.

Oh, and it's a little too late for the trolls to change their strategy from attack and race baiting to unity. Thanks sweetie, tell your supervisor to give you some new talking points, bye.


Luther, great points.

M.A. simply asked a question of Rod and then brought up other points. The question was extended and that's all.

The level of conflict and tension in the race is compelling to me. I listen to a caller on SIRIUS Radio say that "there was just something about Obama that didn't feel right. I'm not a racist or bigoted or anything." The subject of race never came up, but he injected it and it was concerning. The things that I am reading and hearing are shaking me in my soul. I am floored about the race and gender and class conversations that have come up in this year, but at least we know where people are and what they are thinking. So much of what we know on a daily basis is because Rod is willing to do the work!

I believe Rod to be a brilliant writer, producer and blogger. I believe that he has always been open and fair, even in what is rightly his own opinion--this is in fact HIS BLOG. But I think that we have tried to make him something he never asked to be--THE VOICE. He is a strong voice and I so respect and appreciate it. But I have my own mind and I thank him for prompting me to pay more attention to politics and events around the world.

Rod, thank you for using this venue to make a difference! You are amazing and I really mean that from my heart.

As for Senator Clinton, I hope that she and her voters can really stand with and for the Party and make sure that John McBush doesn't take the White House.



MA This is your first comment, and, unfortunately follows a familiar pattern. You either ignored several years of posts praising Obama and slamming Republicans and McCain ... or you're just a troll.

LUTHER You do make some very good points and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. But IMHO it was not a fair question, at least to me personally, because I have never endorsed McCain. I have attacked Bush, McCain and the Republicans for years and posted items on McCain almost everyday this week. It is INSULTING for anyone to bring that bs to me personally, especially on this blog, where many people unfairly ranted against Clinton for months and said they would vote for McCain.

REV KEV AND LUTHER Kevin knows me very well. I don't understand why people insist upon trying to make me a spokesman. This is just me speaking personally. Many people thought it was wrong for a prominent black gay blogger/writer to support Clinton but it was on the issues. As the Rev Kev says, the campaign unfortunately became a referendum on race, class and gender. Of course I am supporting Obama. As the reverend says, now is the time to reconciliate.


I love this post so much Rod. You really made a valid point on why HRC should have been the nominee, but hey it is what it is. I cringe on having another republican in office again but I'm afraid that it will happen.


MA: you're a troll. plain and simple. CLEARLY, you haven't bothered to click on the archives..Rod has been THOROUGH in his criticism of Dumbass Bush and his horrid presidency, and his "chosen" heir apparent, John McCain Bush III...

When you actually went through the archives and READ, come back and apologize....remember sweetie, reading is FUNdamental, not FOR DA MENTAL...

As always Rod, your analysis of Clinton's speech was spot on. She was fierce to the end, and Obama would be silly NOT to enlist her in his campaign to november...

there is no need to pick her as the VP...she probably won't take it. But, he DOES need to pick her brain on the strategies she used to clinch the swing states and how she managed to "bring it" to Barack in most the primary contests...

Hillary is a brilliant and powerful woman who not only deserves to be respected for the campaign she ran, but she also should be given props for inspiring the millions of little girls and young women who now can dream towards a career in government....

Just like little black boys and young black men can be inspired by obama who is on his way to history in becoming the first black president of the united states...

the time now is men, and rebuild the broken bonds between democrats..obama will need hillary's 18million supporters in order to become the next US President...

And, all of you obamabots and hideous trolls need to work out your anger issues and work towards that goal...

I'm still a black independent and still am going to wait and see how Obama does this summer and the fall , but I am convinced now that if Obama has the support and backing of ALL democrats, he will be president....

but, i am still quite impressed with the campaign clinton run. and, her speech showed the overall picture she has for the future of the democratic party once she suspends her campaign saturday...


Rod right on! All I can say is thank you for writing what I was feeling. I have been so tired of these Obama people criticizing Hillary to no end for waiting until Saturday to make her speech. These people can't wait three days for a person who was in the closest democratic primary in HISTORY to concede? I don't understand the Obama trolls but they are really getting to me and honestly my fiance is one of those people so it is VERY hard to keep my cool around him. lol. I believe time will heal most of the hurt many people are feeling right now but there is no question Obama has a lot of work today. Yes, he is going to have tons of money but he needs to pay special attention to women, hispanics, rural voters and seniors in the coming weeks and months to sway some of those people to his side. I believe he should call on Bill, Hillary and Chelsea to go around the country and stump for him in places where he is weak. Who knows if he will do it but the Clintons are super talented and it would be a mistake if he did not put them to good use.

A Ronald

I can understand why Rod and other regulars would be upset. Some of us support the eloquent Barack, others supported the fearless Hillary, but, as Rev Kev says, we are all for Mccain free America.

Ryan is right. The blog and media hysteria has been ugly toward Clinton and anyone who supports. Rod talks issues, the fan boys always make off the wall attacks on character. They hate debating Rod on facts.

I must say, Hill was tough. I had no idea she could get so Many wins.


I don't think HRC ran that great of a campaign. She was the presumptive nominee before the primaries even began. She had every advantage over Obama and still lost. She's $20 million in debt and $11 million of that she owes to herself. Her campaign was so mismanaged. I don't understand why she's getting so much credit for running a great campaign.

Furthermore, if she can't beat Obama, how can she possibly beat McCain? She really dropped the ball and as a supporter, I'm not pleased with how she ran the campaign. It was hers to take, but she underestimated Obama.


Pooooor Will. Clinton has lost, Obama has won, and, he's still not happy. These people are never satisfied. They people are sore winners.

Go somewhere else with those Obama Myspace talking points, we'e trying to have a real discussion here about the issues.

Franklyn Smyth

Hey new guy, you're not very bright are you? Obama hardly won a landslide, Clinton won more votes than him and since March the voters have rejected Obama in state after state. He gamed the caucuses, basked in media attention, was the DNC'S preferred candidate, and, outspent Mama Clinton by three to one AND even was given delegates that were not his. And the superdelegates still had to carry him on a stretcher across the finish line.ts.

So yea, Clinton didn't win, but, she ran a spectacular campaign. Oh, and her supporters are really tired of people like you so beat it, mm'kay?


"she ran a spectacular campaign. Oh, and her supporters are really tired of people like you so beat it, mm'kay?"

These are the kind of comments that bother me. Can't we all just get along lol. Though a strong Clinton backer, Rod showed respect to Obama in his blogging and that's an example we should emulate. Why do we have to bring down or reject others who share the same fundamental beliefs just to put up our own preferences? Both Obama and HRC ran historic campaigns. Personally, I think Obama's campaign was more strategic in its approach and I hoped he would win because I truly saw him as a breath of fresh air. I'm one of those who think 20 years of 2 families in the White House is enough though I wouldn't have supported any candidate just on that basis alone. I respect what HRC accomplished though her dogged determination became a double edged sword to me. I admire her fight and passion and believe this would have translated to her working hard to accomplish her goals as a President if she had won the nomination. On the other hand, I got a 'win at all costs' vibe from her that I didn't like. Her 'about face' on the seating of Michigan and Florida delegates was a huge turn-off for me and I don't think she would have had the same position if she had been the front-runner throughout the campaign. I see Obama as a high-beta stock and Clinton as a high-yield bond. With Clinton you know what you're getting and she'll deliver results - though I'm not sure her goals are always in line with my desires personally. With Obama, I acknowledge a risk. I think his approach to international relations, and other aspects of politics could either result in a remarkable presidency or could fail if he can't maneuver the intricacies of Washington politics. However, given his intentions, the team he has and how strategic his campaign was run, for me, it's a bet I'm willing to make. I appreciate that other voters may value other things more highly e.g., Clinton's experience, dependability etc. At the end of the day, I refuse to believe, as 'the media' portrays, that a lot of HRC supporters won't vote for Obama in the end. If this happens, it would just be downright foolsih and we as Democrats would deserve to lose the presidency for being so short-sighted. I wish Clinton and Obama's campaign hadn't become so personal and 'dirty' as the dream ticket did seem like a possibility in the beginning. Now, I just don't think it would work.

Rod Mc

LUTHER I wasn't offended by anything you said, it was the other comments. There are many people in these Clinton who are first time commenters and have nothing substantial to add. Personally, I'm offended that anyone would question my support of Obama. I liked them both, I just liked Clinton more, and, have been very supportive to Obama. I'm critical, but, not a detractor.

It's also frustrating to read comments talking to me about 'Clinton supporters.' WTFA? There is this implication that Obama's support is organic and wholesome and Clinton's supporters are evil and coordinating activities i secret meetings. As you said, a person's vote is their own. I can't tell anyone how to vote but I hope they will not vote for McCain. But if they do, I cannot hold it against them. The candidates do not have a 'right' for the primary opponent's voters. You have to earn your votes, and, imho, Obama is trying to earn Clinton voters. He boasted long ago that he could get them. IMHO, he will have problems. Many people who talk to me say they understand that one person had to lose, it's just 'how' Clinton lost.

I see Obama as a high-beta stock and Clinton as a high-yield bond.

MIKE: Much of your analysis is excellent, you have very good instincts. My feeling always was that Clinton was a sure bet in November and we would know what her administration wold be like. I've never said Obama could not win, I think he can, but it will be a closer election, and he has serious electability problems, most of which are with key Democratic voting blocs. The expectation is that women, seniors, Hispanics, and working class voters will 'come around' because they have nowhere else to go. This is foolish because these blocs are swing voters and will vote for a Republican, esp McCain, in a heartbeat. They did in 2000 and 2004. Many pundits, Obama surrogates, and many of his supporters, like on this blog, have blamed voters or entire states for not being attracted to Obama. You don't blame voters for not liking a candidate. It's like blaming consumers for not appreciating New Coke. You blame Coca Cola.

The result is we will get new voters and change the electoral map, but, the Democrats will have to spend triple as much to hold onto California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania while running after Iowa and Colorado. It just doesn't seem worth it to me, but, as you and many others have said, it's a 'risk you're willing to take.' I wasn't willing to risk a McCain presidency on that 'hope.' But, you do make very good points and are very realistic, and, honest, I appreciate that.

Now, where we differ is Florida-Michigan. That was outrageous and Clinton has been arguing since January to seat the delegates. There was no legitimate reason to give Obama the uncommitted delegates from Michigan when he removed his name from the ballot, and, to take some of Clinton. Democrats are supposed to count every vote, not suppress votes or rig the system. The only reason this was done was to quickly coronate Obama and prevent Clinton from taking this to the convention. IMHO, that's 'doing anything to win.' If you know of any other example when Democrats allocated votes and delegates to non-candidates, I'd love to hear it. That 'compromise' angered more people than you can believe and the Republicans are pushing for a congressional investigation.

As far as many Clinton voters going for McCain, I disagree. Many will. Many are conservative Democrats, Republican women or men, Hispanics, seniors, veterans, etc. McCain and the Republicans have routinely criticized Obama's campaign, the media, Rev. Wright and Pfleger, etc for ridiculing and hate-mongering against Clinton. Obama never said a word. They see also McCain as 'qualified' and many women have the perception of a less 'qualified' man being promoted ahead of a more qualified woman. It's going to be a very serious problem for Obama. IMHO, if they try to pander by naming a woman as VP, such as Sebelius or Napolitano, Obama will lose in a landslide.


Boy it's some mad folks up in here.


That is a good question, Morris. What will it take to get me to vote for Obama? Nothing because I will not. Neither will my sister, father or mother. That is four votes in Ohio he lost.

I can deal with Hillary losing. But not how she lost. The Republicans never would have ran such an ugly campaign. When Obama wiped the dirt off his shoe and gave Hillary the finger, my mother and father called the DNC and demanded a refund. $5000 last year. I did the same. You do not reward bad behavior.

Are we voting for McCain? Absolutely. McCain and the Repubs have stood up for Hill for weeks. I've lived thru Repubs before and will again. But I will never reward the Internet thugs and pundits who smeared the Clintons. Never.


I'm new here, a proud Black lesbian who initially supported Hillary but gradually grew more and more disillusioned with a lot of things about her.

I don't know the whole history of the campaign on this blog because I haven't been reading since the beginning, but what I have seen is some Obama supporters being called names like troll, Obamabots, sore winners, and are told to beat it just for saying they support him and not her.

When someone says they disagree that she ran a spectacular campaign, which isn't even a dig at her herself, people go bananas. Why is that?

She does deserve her props for all that she accomplished and the trail she has blazed for women, her causes, and the issues she champions, but she should also be called out for how ungracious she was on Tuesday night. She didn't congratulate him on either Montana (he did her, on South Dakota), let alone getting over the top in delegates. I was really disappointed to see that.


Lanisha, sweetie, it is THREE DAYS AFTER OBAMA WON. You migrate to this blog and are still upset because Clinton was not a gracious loser? Umm, you are not a gracious winner. Get over Clinton, she is out of the story, it's all about McCain now. So, umm, get to work on your general election, mm'kay?

Morris, we had this conversation weeks ago when Rod said the media and Obama campaign's treatment of Clinton and her voters would coist him votes in the fall. Remember? You wanted examples of how Clinton has been disrespected and then debated each example, etc. Discussion time is over. I'm not voting for Obama. I will vote downticket or for McCain. I will never vote for Obama and neither will my boyfriend, because of people like Lanisha, Will, Marcos, KB, Cadence, Daily Voice, Daily Kos, Huffington Post, Sullivan, MSNBC, etc. I will not reward their cuber thuggery and lying. It's too late to come around with flowers now, after beating us up for five months. Obama will lose at least a third of Hillary's voters.

Race has nothing to do with it because I am black and my BF is Puerto Rican. We just don't think Obama is qualified. And we hate the way the media is ramming Obama down our throat, like this contest is American Idol, and, how his supporters talk about Clinton 24/7/365, even days after she is out of the race. Oh, and the Michigan delegate giveaway demonstrated the fix was in for Obama and the supers carried him across the finish line.

Oh, and Clinton in the ticket will never happen because she will be a constant target and distraction and will be blamed for his inevitable loss. Hell, she will be blamed when he loses anyway even when she is not on the ticket. I'm sorry, Obama is a nice guy and very charismatic but a weak general election candidate and the DNC is throwing this election on purpose.

Lang B.

WOW. I am soo surprised to see people (democrats) will vote for McCain because Hills did not win. I think both Hilary & Obama can be called on their behavior but to vote for McCain???????? I am gonna follow my Dad's advice and never again discuss politics with others because I was embroiled in an intense argument the other night over what??? Politricks.

This election has brought out the UGLY in lot's of folks myself included. Do we realy know what either Hilary or Obama would do if they "were" prez? Could any of us put our house-life-health on the line for it?

IMO, it is all pre -determined anyways by a handfull of members. There are laws and ideals and technologies that have been created decades in advance that have yet to be implimented. Anyone use the INTERNETS? How long has that "really: been around/ Just my first and last words on Politics/government>

Excuse me if I got off topic.


To answer the question on what Obama needs to do to win the support of most of my family who is disgusted with Howard Dean, and the Democratic party and considering to sit out on election day; I don't know if he can do anything to satisfy them. I just think some people will never get over what happened to the voters of Florida and Michigan. My mother was practically in tears seeing those votes taken away from Hillary in Michigan. She is a die-hard Democrat that even voted for Mondale and Dukakis. She is on the fence with Obama as is my grandmother. I think he has a lot of work to do with Hispanic and older women voters. I think many of the other groups will eventually move to Obama but I do believe many older women especially feel betrayed for many of the reasons Rod is talking about. This just doesn't seem right to them that Hillary was thrown under the bus like she was by the DNC and Obama's supporters. I know Hillary will be fine in the end, but I think this election has made many women VERY angry.


Wow, my bad I thought Clinton was still in the story because the story I was sharing my comment on about her was only from yesterday. Dang, my first comment is not even against her and I get thrown in with cyber thugs and liars just because I prefer the other person. If she is oreally out of the story then I guess we won't be seeing any other stories about her on the blog. But I know they will be working together so we can all win. Should be interesting.


Lanisha, we have been discussing this election on this blog for two years. Please don't show up and lecture Rod or anyone on what we should be talking about.

Secondly, no one was upset because you preferred Obama. I like Obama, I just liked Clinton more. No, people were upset because you parachuted into the blog and discussion three days AFTER OBAMA WON and still have Clinton derangement. Now it is Saturday morning and you still are obsessing over Clinton. That sounds like a Clinton troll to me. I post here every day or two and have never seen your comments.

If you are so concerned about party unity, you are not a very good unity ambassador. If you are concerned about winning in November, you might want to stay around here and join in the discussions in the very many posts devoted to McCain and the Repubs. For some reason, the many Obama fans and Clinton critics NEVER comment in any of the McCain and Republican posts here. But this is all a moot point. Obama is not going to win in November.

jose reyes

"My mother was practically in tears seeing those votes taken away from Hillary in Michigan. She is a die-hard Democrat that even voted for Mondale and Dukakis. She is on the fence with Obama as is my grandmother."

Duwayne, that was a sad day for Democrats. Rules are rules but don't randomly assign votes and delegates to Democrats who took their names off the ballot.

The DNC wants Obama and doesn't care that he is the weaker candidate. He is a gigantic ATM and has a massive fundraising list. They lost my vote on Saturday, along with my mom's, my aunt's, my grandfather's, my father's ... my entire family will not vote for Obama. And we are Puerto Rican in New Jersey and can assure you Obama will have a problem with Puerto Ricans in the tristate because of how his campaign treated Hillary.


Morris, I agree with Duwayne. Unless Obama personally comes out and tells his attack dogs on cable news and on the blogs to stop trashing Hillary and her supporters, or, apologizes for what his campaign has done, I don't think there is anything Obama can personally do to get my vote.

Rod has been saying this for months and only now are many Obamatons starting to understand. This campaign crossed the line. Older people and many women of a certain age will simply not vote for Obama, especially now that he is trying to sweet talk the sweeties. Obama and his supporters remind them of an abusive boyfriend who beats them and calls them names and then comes around with sweet talk. They have seen it all before. It is a sorry day when Republicans are more honorable than Democrats.

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