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23 June 2008


Lang B.

He is beautiful.
I have one problem, not with him though.
Why do black business still have to play the color role and always play it safe by using mixed-light-white models to sell their products? As if there is no merit or sale value in using black models to sell jewlery to the masses. It is 2008 and I still cannot fathom how black people with affluence like The Simmons & Diddy think. Damminit Black should not automatically equate urban or lower sales. There is nothing wronmg with using your own kind to promote your products. Just my opinion. UGH!


Ooh I love him. Where is he from?

Rod Mc

Lang, I'm not the biggest jewelry fan and am not aware of this company's marketing strategy. It was just surprising to see Josh in this magazine, he usually only models in fashion and gay lifestyle magazines. You do make some very valid observations of colorism in advertising. I've discussed it many times.

Lang B.

Rod. You are the best media blogger in my eyes. No diss to you at all. You have a balanced eye for beauty and appeal to the spectrum of people of color, in which I admire.

Rod Mc

Lang, thanks for the words, you are too kind. I didn't mean to sound defensive, I just don't know anything about jewelry marketing or that company. But you are entirely right about Diddy, the marketing for his Sean John brand is reminiscent of a Benetton campaign.

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